9 Important Characteristics of a Highly Intelligent Investor

Second Chance Bank Accounts – 3 Important Things To Look For Before You Apply

Second chance bank accounts provide the opportunity of a savings or checking account to anyone who may have been denied their bank account opening application. If you were rejected when applying to open a normal checking account with your bank, know that there is still hope. With the economic downturn in the last couple of years, lots of others have also been affected, and they were able to get around it.

Second Chance Unsecured Credit Cards – Pros And Cons

Even if you are a bankrupt or do not possess a good credit record, you can apply and still get the benefits of a second chance credit card. It could be easier to apply for a secured credit card or a prepaid debit card; you would want to also think about getting the unsecured traditional credit card. With this essay, we will review the advantages and disadvantages of applying for a credit card for someone with a bad financial record.

The Reality of People Going Broke In America

It has now become an everyday fact of life of more people becoming broke in America, as in previous years bankruptcy was humiliating and shameful. There are now more Americans filing for bankruptcy than the previous ten years. These numbers will continue to escalate over the years ahead.

Bank Accounts for Bad Credit

Because of chex systems it can be hard finding bank accounts for bad credit. Nowadays, everybody needs a bank account. You can barely go through life without using a debit card, writing checks, or paying your bills online. By getting a bank account that was designed for people with bad credit, you can start reestablishing your credit. This is a very important process, if you ever want to be able to fully repair your credit score.

You Need A Budget Vs Moneydance

On the market for new personal finance software? Thinking about either You Need A Budget or Moneydance? This article gives you some buying guidance.

Clear Up Your Money Clutter and Make Room for Abundance

This is the second in a two part article series. In the first article, I showed you how to move from feelings of contraction around money and how to move into expansion. In this article, I walk you through the process of clearing three key areas of money clutter from your life so you can move into abundance.

Evaluating Federal Loan Modification Guidelines

People often end up losing their house because of the mortgage loans they have taken due to several reasons. However, this can be avoided now with the help of Loan Modification Procedures and interest rate revision techniques.

How to Practice and Control in Saving Your Money

Saving money or the act of saving money requires a lot of practice and control. We all want to save money but there are certain times that our impulses get the best of us and we begin to spend it on things we really do not need. Hopefully, these tips will help you get through such tough times.

The Power to Earn Money and the Freedom to Spend It

Each and everyone of us have the power to earn money and we also have the freedom to spend it. But, in this unlikable times that we are experiencing financial troubles, it is much better that we keep our money to ourselves and save up for the storm to come. Here are ways for you to save money.

How to Create Your Personal Financial Plan

It is very nice to visualize what you want to achieve in life. Maybe you want a new car, a nice summer home or a big house you have always dreamed of or anything else that is important for you. But your dreams remain just dreams. How then turn dreams into reality? Here we’ll talk about how to properly set personal financial goals.

QROPS Pensions, Taking Independent Advice

QROPS offshore pensions are designed as tailored retirement strategies designed to match a pension investor’s personal financial circumstances. With more than 2,000 QROPS pensions available in about 50 countries, the choices are vast and sometime confusing. QROPS providers insist pension savers take independent financial advice before approaching to set up a scheme.

The Importance of Retirement Plan

P.V. Subramanyam’s maiden book on retirement is not about understanding how the financial market functions or how to time the market. Instead, it deals with the most unexplored issue of retirement planning. Clearly, the book seems to have hit the right chord as it is a bestseller having sold over 45,000 copies. A trainer, columnist, blogger and now an author Subramanyam spends a few moments with Cafemutual to talk about retirement planning and how IFAs could incorporate this theme as groundwork for advising clients. Edited excerpts….

Freebies for You

Coming from a family of five children, my mom had to be as frugal as possible. We would search for items at a great bargain or that were free. Every Sunday morning, we would sit around the table looking at all of the circulars to find the best deal.

Get Real With Your Retirement Planning in 2011 Part 3

Successful retirement income planning is about more than just having a specific retirement account like a 401(k) or IRA. It is a process of managing multiple financial strategies simultaneously, namely saving and investing and protecting your assets, so that ultimately you can create income to support your retirement lifestyle.

Banks That Do Not Use Chexsystems

Finding banks that do not use ChexSystems is not a very difficult task. However, it can be difficult to find one with a lot of features, and not a lot of fees. Chances are you’ve tried opening bank accounts have been denied because of ChexSystems. You should not feel alone in this, because there are many other people in the same situation it really does not take much to get on ChexSystems bad side. Having an account over withdrawn by one dollar will land you on ChexSystems. Defaulting on a loan, bouncing a check or even a foreclosure can land you on ChexSystems. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, you do deserve a bank account.

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