9 Billionaires, How They Started And How They Made Their Money

You Are Constantly Choosing Your Life and Your Abundance

How would your life look if you were living true to a deeper purpose, your vision? When we step into choosing wealth and abundance in all areas of our lives we sometimes feel as if we can’t be spiritual. We must move away from the mindset that being rich and prosperous doesn’t mix with being spiritual.

Maximizing Your Mortgage Modification Chances

Many people these days are looking for ways to alleviate their mortgage debts and avoid foreclosure. While there are several options available to help take the financial pressure of your monthly mortgage payment, they are not always easy to obtain. In fact, many people have been flat out denied a mortgage loan modification by their lender. To prevent having your application denied and increase your chances of successfully obtaining a mortgage modification, consider the following.

Who Can Garnish Wages?

Find out who can garnish wages and how. Many debt collectors use scare tactics in an attempt to obtain payments for unpaid debts. Some will even say they are going to garnish wages when they do not have the ability to do it.

What You Need To Know About Superannuation Service

Saving for our retirement is an essential part of financial planning. Superannuation or our retirement fund is something that we all know we should be planning for. In most Western countries, once people start working and earning money, it is mandated that both they and their employers contribute a certain percentage of their wage towards superannuation.

Protecting Yourself Against Economic Instability

This article takes a brief look at income protection insurance. It examines the viability of using insurance to protect you and your family from the impact of the current economic crisis the UK and Europe is experiencing.

A Securities Loan Proves a Smart Option for Financial Needs

Making an investment is a wise financial action. It reflects one’s financial maturity by planning for the future. There are however, unforeseen circumstances where one needs immediate cash either to use for emergency cases or other needs that may arise.

The Gift Tax

The gift tax. Cash Gifts and non-cash Gifts. The rules you need to know. ‘Tis the season for gift giving. But is the gift taxable? Or deductible?

My Life Lesson From Paris

I was pick pocketed in Paris! It seems that with technology today, there should be a better answer than having multiple copies of my personal information in multiple locations.

Financial Bad Habits – How They Affect You

It is easy to get into bad habits with financial matters. Many people today get into trouble financially because the have the bad habit of not sitting down to make a budget. Learning how to take charge of your money habits can make your life less stressful and more productive.

The Role of Wealth Management in Building the Future You and Your Family Deserve

It is necessary to plan carefully today to ensure your family is well provided for in the future. Hire a wealth management team to help you build, grow and protect your wealth for generations to come using the right strategies.

Keeping Track Of Superannuation Rules

Superannuation, a particular description for your retirement fund is a prevalent initiative in most Western Countries. In many countries, it is even mandated by the Government whereby employers are required to pay a percentage amount of an employee’s salary into a separate account, usually a superannuation fund.

Insurance Nominee or Beneficiary?

In Malaysia, all your assets will be frozen when you die. With or without a will, your assets will be used to pay off creditors’ claim and outstanding taxes before the leftover is being distributed to your family. I guess by now everyone knows that only insurance proceeds and EPF balance are the 2 types of funds which will be paid directly to your nominee or beneficiary upon one’s demise.

Top Mistakes Using 4% Solution for Retirement

By now many Baby Boomers have heard of the 4% Solution. If you are not familiar with the 4% solution here is a brief description: Multiple ALL your retirement savings by 4%. The number you come up with is the amount you can withdraw each year to give you the best chance your money will last during your retirement.

Reasons for Executing a Limited Power of Attorney

Limited power of attorney refers to a legal document that is required to grant authority to an agent to conduct specific types of duties. Once tasks are completed the agent’s privileges are revoked and they are relieved of responsibilities.   Most people use a limited power of attorney to authorize agents to oversee financial transactions.

How To Make A State Pension Go Further

If you had dreams of a luxurious and relaxing retirement, you might be frustrated by the realities of your state pension. Even if you worked for a company for years, your pension might not be enough to cover your expenses. It can be difficult to enjoy your golden years if you are stressed because you are having difficulty making ends meet.

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