9 Best things to do in your retirement

Self-Directed IRA – What It Is Not

In our second part of our primer, we will explain what is NOT a self-directed IRA-type investment. A self-directed IRA is not directed by another party. Financial planners, banks, accountants, or tax or estate planning attorneys do not direct a client’s self-directed IRA.

Online Payday Lenders Support Emergencies: Quick Payoffs Support Budgets

Winter is a tough time of year for many households. Whether it is 40 below or hovering around freezing many people see their living costs go up. Extra money will go towards heating the home and warming bodies. There are big costs to keep people warm and safe throughout the winter. For people who live with a set income and have no room for larger utility bills, keeping up with the costs of winter is hard on the budget.

Easy Money Saving Tips for Young Professionals

You just got done with college, and have started out on your very first job. The economic freedom you experience can rarely be doubted, and more importantly the feeling of being independent can never be matched by anything else. But, it is not long before most of us get carried away with our innate habit of splurging our earnings just because it’s ours. As a matter of fact, that is precisely why you must protect your savings.

Home Mortgage Loans – Tips for Reviewing Loans

Not everyone knows the jargon associated with the documents and everything when they are about to take a home mortgage loan. The language can be very different from what you think it is and it is very vital for you to understand that language in order to prevent mistakes. It is very beneficial to read and review each single clause when you get hold of the loan documents as soon as possible.

3 Money Tips for Financial Gratefulness

When I talk about gratefulness having to do with money others periodically stare bewildered. Monetary appreciation is being thankful for the assets you have now rather than spotlighting what you do not have currently. Focusing mostly one what you don’t have, gives your attention to unfavorable thoughts instead of acknowledging the good you have at this time.

What Happens to Your Credit Score After a Bankruptcy?

Financial life after bankruptcy can be challenging. On the one hand, people who end up filing bankruptcy may not see much of a change in their credit score because it was likely bad to begin with.

What Is a Self-Directed IRA? – A Primer

IT’S NOT YOUR AVERAGE IRA – Most people know about or already have an individual retirement account (IRA) but many have yet to hear about or understand what a self-directed IRA is…

Create Your Holiday Financial Blueprint

Just like routine money management, creating a financial plan for holiday shopping before you start spending helps you remain on track. Pre-planning helps you shop for those you care about while saving money. Below are 3 suggestions to help you plan out your financial holiday expenditures.

Protect Your Future Your Legacy by Investing on Timber

Ethical Forestry has helped a great deal in building up a favorable environment for the investors with timber plantations. It has also enriched the environment with green plantations.

Five Ways To Get More Money From Social Security

Think you know all you can expect to receive from Social Security? Here are some facts you may not be aware of that might get you thousands of dollars more than you thought.

Online Cash Advance Supports Emergencies Not Shopping Lists

How much do you stress over the money during the holidays? Have you ever filled out an online cash advance application to get your shopping done and pay bills? People do ‘out of the norm’ things when the hustle and bustle to get everything done on time takes precedence. There may even be some regret for frivolous purchases earlier in the year. The ‘what if’ regret of how much money would have been available to make the holiday shopping a no financial stress adventure is burdensome.

Smart Moves for Retirement Relocation

Retirement opens the door for many retirees to consider a change in residence. Here are answers to questions about the financial implications of relocation at this stage in life.

Why You May Need to Think About Long-Term Care Coverage

One of the greatest challenges when it comes to planning for retirement is trying to predict future healthcare expenses. Additionally, many people are living longer – well into their 80s or 90s – which makes the need for long-term care increasingly likely for many Americans. But the reality is that many people have not yet evaluated whether or not long-term care insurance is a good option for them.

Change Your Thinking To Change Your Financial Status

Did you know you can change your financial status by just changing your thinking? Yes, you can. You can change the world around you, even the financial world around you by changing your thinking pattern.

Keep Your Finances in Check This Holiday Season

Have you ever entered the New Year financially strapped because you spent more than you intended to over the holidays? If so, you’re not alone. The good news is that there are steps you can take today to help avoid “paying the piper” when the credit card bills arrive in January.

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