8 Toxic Habits to Quit Immediately

Registered Investment Advisor: What They Do and How to Choose the Best Ones

A registered investment advisor guides a company or an individual to make the best financial investments to secure or increase their assets. Find out more about how they do their job and what it takes to become one of them.

Four Ways to Save Money During the Holidays

Did you know that retail stores make 80% of their profits during the holiday season? That’s because people are known to go overboard with their holiday shopping. If you need a little reprieve this year and are looking to spend a little less during the holiday season, then we’ve got some tips that can help you save a little money.

The Different Types of Bonds

Bonds in the UK continue to be trusted methods of investment and the continued opening up the country’s financial markets has ensured that greater competition has brought an increasingly varied set of products into this expanding market. In most cases bonds are seen as an investment with a guaranteed income and the fact that governments would traditionally back them meant that you could use them with confidence, knowing that the promised outlay would be covered upon the completion of the bond.

How to Peacefully Talk About Money In Your Relationship and Marriage

What’s it like for you when you talk about money with your spouse? Do you have a lot of tension and stress or have you found a way to get on the same financial page with each other?

Trading With an Attitude

Just last week I witnessed a relatively new trader profess the following comment. Well, now that I have exited the stock, it will move in the direction I was originally hoping for. This happens to me all the time.

How To Obtain Financial Freedom With “Money Goals”

Financial freedom is a goal that most of us hope to accomplish someday. I don’t know about you, but I can be pretty reckless with my money at times. What helps me the most is setting goals for myself. It’s so much easier for me to save money and not spend it on useless items when I know specifically why I am saving and how much I should save.

Creating a Personal Budget: Benefits

Almost everyone is dealing with money issues nowadays. The economy is teetering on recession, unemployment has skyrocketed, and inflation is causing everybody to pinch their pennies just a little bit more.

What Are Child Savings Accounts?

Child savings accounts are bank accounts that enable children to save money. They are particularly popular with parents and grandparents who want to save on behalf of their children.

Single Mother Assistance Information Means You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

You may be a single mother, but you are not alone. There are many programs and services available to help you successfully run your household, care for your children, and manage your career. Single mother assistance information will lead you to the programs that best suit your needs.

Students Need To Know This Before Getting A Credit Card

Unfortunately, the use of credit cards is not taught in school. However, students really need to know a few things about credit cards before they make a financially devastating mistake! Learn what you need to know as a student before getting a credit card!

What Are Fixed Rate Savings and How Do They Work?

Fixed rate savings accounts offer a less risky way of investing and involve the saver agreeing to put money into a savings account for a specified time period in return for an agreed rate of interest to be applied to the funds. Usually, this will mean that you are unable to access your money until the fixed period ends.

How Secured Credit Cards Can Change Your Financial Future

It is more important than ever to maintain a good credit score. Find out how secured credit cards can help you establish good credit.

How To Save For Child’s College?

Saving for a child’s college education is one of the biggest challenges that parents face today. With the cost of education rising steeply, it is a tricky task for parents to fund the entire amount to support the higher studies of their child.

Some Great Tips on How to Avoid Overspending During the Holidays

Cutting down on expenses during this upcoming holiday season is something that is very important to a lot of people. You will find some valuable tips below to help ensure that you have a wonderful and budget-friendly holiday season.

What You Need to Know About Housing Grants for Single Parents

The first thing you have to know about housing grants for single mothers is that it is not a quick and easy process, and that it requires the right documentation and patience on your part to make it work. Still, the US government ought to be commended for realizing the challenges single parents face and introducing grants for single moms which comes as a huge relief for single American mothers.

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