8 Tips to become rich from nothing

Comparing The National Deficit To Credit Card Debt

Obviously, there are great differences between the debt relief of a nation and the efforts of an ordinary household to erase credit card debt account balances, but, at the same time, there are more similarities than you might think. While consumers understandably wish to avoid bankruptcy protection for fear of lowering their future potential for borrowing, the government of the United States would wisely steer clear of some of the more useful tactics for minimizing their own fiscal obligations (such as the deflation of currency) because any hint of such actions would necessarily lessen the estimated value of our Treasury…

5 Tests For A Mutual Fund

Have you ever invested in a mutual fund? If your answer is yes then I am sure you must have done a bit of a research before selecting a scheme.

Protect Your Credit Rating With Standing Orders to a Prepaid MasterCard

Travelling and then queuing up to pay bills isn’t exactly a fun way to spend time. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why it’s so easy to forget to pay a bill on time. In fact, around 22% of people don’t pay their bills on time*. This may impact on a customer’s credit rating, leading to difficulty in getting credit in the future, or higher rates of interest to pay.

Why Do I Need QROPS Specialists?

It is important to seek out a QROPS specialist who is up to date with the latest QROPS rules and can advise you on the best course of action depending on your current situation. Each transfer is different and requires different treatment.

Equity Release: Dependable Source of Earning

This article focuses on some important facts related to equity release on property, such as: benefits, requirements to apply etc. By reading the same, it will comprehend you to understand equity release in a better way.

7 Great Investment Tips For The Current Recession

With many headwinds threatening to send the US back into a recession, many smart investors are focusing their portfolios on only the income generating stocks and commodities (especially precious metals) that still have room to run. Many astute economists now admit that the hangover from the financial crisis is still playing out and while many people are panicking and losing money there are many areas of growth out there at the moment. Investors just need to look past all the doom and gloom that is out there and being written in the papers and economic journals.

How You Can Survive Total Economic Collapse

With the US in deep financial troubles and Obama now admitting the US is close to defaulting on its debt, many people are now starting to change their way of thinking. Too many times they have been caught out by the lies coming out of Washington. If the major states of the US were to file for bankruptcy, it would lead to widespread panic, and with many programs, and funded services closed down immediately, confusion would set in quickly and chaos would reign.

Income Tax Rebate and Deductions – India

The article is intended to educate people about tax rebates and deduction available under different sections of Income Tax Act. An individual can reduce tax liability or save tax by getting familiar with the special provision for tax rebates.

How to Be Financially Independent in Paying for College

Paying for college without the help of parents can be done, and often, that student values the education more than one whose parents fully underwrite the costs. There are many sources of funding and financial aid that are available to students who find themselves saddled with the burden of tuition, textbooks, and perhaps even room and board.

Basic Tips for Boosting Loyalty Program Points

Basic tips for boosting loyalty program points to most programs such as Airmiles, Nectar and Tesco Clubcard. It doesn’t require much effort and it doesn’t cost you anything. Make sure you’re making the best return. It’s fun too!

Downsize Your Home and Save Thousands

We are living in difficult economic times, and everyone is looking for an extra few hundred dollars or more a month. If you own a home and your kids have moved out it only makes sense to downsize to a smaller home. Find out how downsizing your home can save you thousands of dollars a year. Downsizing your home is one of the best ways to save extra money in today’s economic times.

Payment Protection Insurance Policies to Be Handled Cautiously

These days, several banks and other Loan offering companies aim in offering consumers with payment protection insurance policies. These policies are absolutely different from those life insurance policies and tend to hit generally the self-employed, retired, the redundant, people with specific medical conditions, and unemployed. These are in fact sold by the lenders whenever an individual takes a loan, mortgage, or a credit or store card.

Use Readily Available Discount Checks And Save Money

It is a good idea to use discount checks as a means of saving money. Such checks come in a variety of designs and have all the necessary information and format required for bank transactions.

Where and How to Invest Money and Start Small

This is written for folks who want to know how to invest if you don’t have a lot of money to invest. People of all walks of life invest money in investments like stocks and bonds to earn higher than average returns without high risk. You can be a small investor and participate also once you learn where to invest your money.

Tubal Reversal Cost – Ways to Pay Your Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery

The first thing that stops many women from going through with a tubal ligation reversal is the tubal reversal cost. Here are a few ways you can come up with the full amount as well as an idea on how to lower the amount you might have to…

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