8 Signs you should rent and not buy a house

What Is Your Stuff Really Worth to You?

Stuff?!! What is it really and what is the real price we pay to have it even if it is on sale?

How to: Filing for Disability Income

If you have become disabled through injury or illness chances are your income has declined as well. You are considering filing for disability and that’s probably why you landed on this page. There are a lot of concerns you must have, a lot of questions that have been raised and you are embarking on a journey with many twists and turns. There are five MUST-know FAQs that you should consider first and foremost. 1. Disability Forms are Difficult to Understand for Almost Everyone 2. Filing for Disability is Not a Quick Process 3. Disability, Social Security, and the Like Have Strict Qualifications You Must Meet 4. Get Your Paperwork in on Time 5. If You’re Approved, You May Get a Retroactive Check

Five Reasons to Speak to A Financial Advisor

‘Pensions’, ‘investments’ and ‘savings’ are words which we hear on a daily basis. We are faced with so many different options regarding these that often it can become confusing to distinguish the ones that will work best for our personal circumstances. Whether you are keen to put aside a small amount of money every month or looking to grow your capital, it is important to be well-advised of the options on the market relevant to you. One way of finding some clarity is to seek some impartial advice from an IFA (independent financial advisor). Independent financial advice can offer guidance on a number of important financial topics from getting the most from your savings to offering clear and comprehensive mortgage advice.

Knowledge of the Basic Foundations in Personal Finance Is Your Most Important Asset

Personal finance involves the application of the basic foundations in personal finance. It is important that people know the proper way to budget, save, and spend their financial resources.

Multiple Income Streams: The Key to Becoming a Millionaire

Most people would love to become a millionaire; few however will actually achieve this goal. The main reason is that most people believe that it is a lot harder than it actually is. You do not have to be brilliant at something or have the next great business idea to become a millionaire. The only thing that you have to do is to create multiple streams of income.

A Few Options to Send Money to Costa Rica

According to statistics, about 100,000 or 2% of Costa Ricans have migrated to nearby countries like Mexico and United States. Incidentally, a World Bank report released in 2011 indicated that Costa Rica’s profit remittance in US Dollars is pegged at 606039005.00. This indicates that the those who work abroad have direct contribution to the growth of their country’s economy. Due to the rising percentage of Costa Ricans who now work in foreign lands to earn a living, many business entities in their country have thought of ways to help their fellow men send money to Costa Rica easier and safer.

How to Save Money in a Recession Without Turning Blue!

We’re all having to tighten the financial belt these days. Incomes aren’t exactly increasing, while costs continue to rise. Learning how to save money is not a magic trick, it’s simply a matter of self discipline and a realistic and complete budget.

What Is The Financial Impact Of Divorce To The Average American Household?

Divorce can be an emotionally devastating time for spouses and their children. These elements can often make their way over to the financial side and create significant impacts in the finances that a couple has worked so hard to accumulate over time. Retirement benefits, property ownership, alimony, and child support, are all concerns that one may have when considering divorce.

529 Plans Explained in Detail

529 plans can be confusing for many parents. Why not learn the basics of a 529 plan and use tax deferred growth to your advantage?

Ways Seniors Can Increase Their Retirement Income

There are a number of seniors who need to increase their retirement income. This article discusses the various options that seniors have that will help them increase their monthly income. Part time work, investments, annuities, home equity loans, reverse mortgages for seniors and income from rental property are all viable options. A senior should consider a number of different options and choose the one that is best for their unique circumstances.

Cheap Car Insurance – Car Safety

Car safety may seem to be something that you assume most people take for granted – it really means just making sure your car is locked and possibly has an alarm and/or a crook lock as well. Whilst it can mean all these things and important though they are, there are several aspects of car safety that are key from an insurance point of view, and do affect your car insurance and how much you pay for it.

Top Insights On Offshore Asset Protection

Offshore asset protection is no longer exclusive to those people who have created tons of wealth during their lifetime. Nowadays, even common entrepreneurs can make use of them to protect and develop their business. All they have to do is get a hold of the right tools that will help them in reaching their goals.

Multiple Income Streams: How to Create Them

It is widely agreed amongst financial experts that one of the keys to financial success is having multiple streams of income. While most people understand this the majority will not create them, mainly because they do not know how. There are lots of ways that you can create an income stream but they all pretty much fall into one of two categories, investment or starting a business.

Multiple Income Streams: How They Can Help You to Work Less

Almost everybody would like to work less than they currently do. Unfortunately for most of us this will never happen. The main reason is that we have been taught to rely on our jobs as our main source of income. In reality it should just be one of many.

Multiple Income Streams: Why You Need Several Sources of Income

Most people have only one source of income, their job. They may have some savings and they may earn a bit of return on their investments but in most cases it will be nowhere near enough to replace their income if they were to lose their job. There are actually several reasons that you would want to have more than one source of income. Mostly it comes down to the fact that your job is usually an inadequate and unreliable way to make money.

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