8 Money Mistakes Business Owners Make

Pension Schemes – Planning For Your Retirement

Planning for your retirement is an important factor in your overall wealth management. You need to make sure that you are making good financial decisions to enable you to really enjoy your time after work. There are many different pension schemes available, including overseas pension schemes for expats and those planning on a new life abroad when they retire. Seeking good advice from a reputable financial adviser is the best way to get the latest information.

You Don’t Need a Calculator to Know You Have Too Much Debt

Mortgage lenders use your debt-to-income ratio to decide whether you have too much debt. If your ratio is beyond a certain level it means you’re spending a lot of your monthly income on debt payments. You can use the ratio too, even if you’re not trying to get a loan, to figure out if you have too much debt. You don’t need a calculation though.

Retirement for Life!

When you hear the word retirement, what do you think of? Far off, old people, dentures? Well you shouldn’t. What you should think is, “do I have any?” and if you don’t you should keep reading.

Key Strategies for Weathering the Coming Economic Crunch

Need to know key strategies for the coming economic crunch? Is precious metals, the U.S. dollar, and foreign currencies the right place to invest to reap a reasonable income for the future? Will your money be safe in stocks and bonds?

Monthly Costs of Home Ownership

The internet has played a pivotal role in bringing all detailed information about the real estate trends at your finger tips. It is only because of this boon that the future home buyers are well acquainted with all information like mortgage details, lenders and other home owner facilities. It also enables the home buyers with step by step knowledge for purchase of a house, like mortgage rates, real-estate market situations etc.

Getting an IVA Mortgage

People who undergo Individual Voluntary Agreements (IVAs) have all their assets and expenses controlled from the moment the IVA application is approved, till the process is complete. It means that during this period, the person in question has little control on the actions he wants to make, from the financial point of view. However, it is possible for a person to get an IVA mortgage.

Do You Remember: “It’s The Economy, Stupid!”

In the early nineties, when Gulf War I ended (that fact that we have to number our Gulf Wars says something about something, but I’m not exactly sure what), George H.W. Bush was riding a wave of popularity. And then we promptly turned around and made Bill Clinton president in the elections of ’92. My, how things change. People were concerned about their money and financial security. They wanted a stable economy that they could depend on.

6 Smart Ways for Married Couples to Approach the Subject of Joint Finances

It would probably come as no surprise to you to find out that money is the biggest bone of contention in the majority of marriages. It doesn’t really matter what the fights are over, because money issues are the single greatest reason why many marriages end in divorce. This article is going to spell out for you 6 ways that couples can avoid making common financial errors that take tolls on relationships.

Giving Children A Fighting Chance At Being Fiscally Responsible

All accounts show that we are more a spending nation than we are a saving one! We can also add indebted to that description, not just as a nation but also at the level of the household. We are in deep… deeper than any of us are prepared to accept in unrewarding financial habits. If we don’t endeavor to break this cycle as a society now our children will more than likely imitate us when they become adults.

The Easy-Peasy Guide to Managing Debt-Related Fear

Fear is a strange thing. It can motivate us to do things we never thought we could do, like lifting a car off an injured child after an accident. It can shock us into realizing that the decisions we have been making, or are about to make, is/are the wrong one(s), and scare us back onto the right path. It can also work against us. Fear can paralyze us and make sure that we do nothing in times of crisis. It can also cloud our judgment and thinking so that we make a wrong decision when we are scared. Fear is the main issue that we must wrangle with and subdue, and then mold to do our bidding when it comes to managing debt.

The Ultimate Guide To Saving Money On Gas

No matter how good your cash flow plan is, “uncontrollable” gas prices can hit you when you least expect it. Today we will go through some ways to get back at “The Mann” and maybe even by the end of this article, you will be gung ho about getting gas!

Tips for Completing Your Social Security Application Online

In anticipation of the 80 million baby boomers who will be applying for Social Security retirement benefits in the next 20 years, the Social Security Administration is ramping up it’s website and online services. One of the services you’ll see is the ability to submit your Social Security Application online. While most people go to the SSA website to apply for retirement benefits, that’s not the only thing you can do right on the website. Here are just a few things you can do online at the Social Security website:

Three Good Ways to Make Extra Money From Home

The internet has made available numerous good ways to make extra money. Here are three good ways to make extra money from home and achieve your financial desires.

Turn Up The Heat, Turn Down The Meter

The cold months of the year are normally when keeping the house comfortable can cut into your spending plan BIG time. So I will try to come in and save the day, and go over some things that can be done to aid in lowering heating cost. Some of these things are common sense, but not often thought about, and some are a little tricky so to speak.

How Credit Card Debt Sunk The Dodgers

Seven years ago, when Frank McCourt submitted a bid to the famously cultish owners group controlling Major League Baseball for purchase of the Los Angeles Dodgers, approval passed with little discussion apart from the handful of Southern California media members who’d bothered to check with their East Coast contemporaries that had prior knowledge of McCourt’s financial history. At the time, though, considering the all but vacant owners had allowed the storied ballclub to pass into worrisome neglect – it’d been seven years without a post season appearance – highlighting tales of nightlife profligacy and mismanaged business transactions and a history…

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