7 Type of companies you should never work for

4 Ways to Change Your Money Mindset

Are you stuck in a money rut? How do you change your mindset and get unstuck? Here are 4 ways to shift your money mindset.

Hospital Time Means A Loss of Income

An overview of how being hospitalized can hurt you in the pocket even with the best health insurance and employee benefits. Hospital insurance cover is one way of protecting against these financial pitfalls even if you have not budgeted for time off your feet.

Finding a Good Independent Financial Adviser

Economically speaking, times nowadays are tough and there are no quick fixes being shown either. It is therefore more important than ever to ensure that you seek independent and unbiased financial advice which is both reliable and sound.

The Minefield of Choosing an Independent Financial Advisor

We have all heard scare stories with regards to choosing an Independent Financial Advisor. Most of these anecdotes derive from years past when the whole industry was not correctly policed.

How to Spot Counterfeit American Coins on eBay

You can’t always buy authenticated Americans coins on eBay. In this article, I will show you how to tell if you are buying a counterfeit coin or an authentic coin.

Top 5 Steps for Managing Financial Instability

This article provides useful information about financial stress faced by everyone. It will help you while dealing with financial problems and will enable you to live a better life.

Cash Emergency! Seven Steps to Get Back on Track With Your Finances

Are you cash-strapped? Have your financial plans been derailed? Get your finances back on track with these seven steps.

Do You Speak Up in Your Life and Financial Matters?

Women only make 77 cents for every dollar earned by men. Equal rights for women is not specifically defined or guaranteed in the Constitution. The majority of women these days still change their surname when they marry which means the only family name carried forward is the man’s.

4 Benefits and Drawbacks of Buying Coins on eBay

Many coin collectors buy their coins on eBay. There are advantages and disadvantages to buying coins on the site.

Life Insurance For People With Depression

Depression is a concern to life insurance companies because it increases your chances of death, either via the possibility of suicide, destructive self-medication, using drugs and/or alcohol, the increased chance of serious accidents, or even via harmful side effects from treatments like lithium. If you have depression, the life underwriter will want to know what type of depression you were diagnosed with, when your episode(s) occurred, and whether the depression was successfully treated. One of the most important things the underwriter will want to know is whether your doctor has or had any serious concerns you would actually commit suicide.

The Dumbest Sales Bait People Buy: Hook, Line and Sinker

I continue to be amazed at the success rate of the baits merchants use to get people to buy. Often when I counsel folks and point out some of the silly slogans that grab them, they are stunned. The can’t believe they got caught. I think the dumbest sales bait merchants use successfully is this: “The more you spend the more you save.”

How Receivables Factoring Is Done

For any business to grow and flourish there is the continuous need for good clients. Small clients will keep a business going but a big client will truly be able to contribute to a sudden growth in the both the volume and the income of the business.

3 Things You Can Teach Your Kids on Money

Teach your kids three easy things on personal finance. Your habits dictate your attitude which is key, and you will be the model. They say that starting young means preparing them of what is ahead of them, through this they will be equipped with the right mindset and set themselves apart their peers when handling finances.

Make It Better

Men & women approach investing very differently. Learn how each sex can learn from the other to create a winning investment strategy for their family and future.

Those Fees We Are Paying in Our Retirement Accounts

One hot topic in the financial news and investment company ads these days is the fees we are paying in our retirement accounts. Up until a recent ruling, these fees were hidden since they came off the top. They were never disclosed separately in your investment performance documents.

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