7 truths about money that banks don’t want you to know

Surprising Benefits of Foreclosure

When we think of foreclosures, we typically think of a financial nightmare. Families begin falling behind on their mortgage payments and risk losing their homes. However, there are some surprising benefits of foreclosures for both the struggling family and the uninvolved bystander.

Basic Stock Tips for Beginning Traders

When it comes to the investing game, many people may not be sure where to start. Putting money in stocks and bonds sounds like a good general idea, but how can anyone be sure which are the best choices when they have no frame of reference? Some introductory stock tips are helpful for beginners and experts alike, since the basics of market investment are the same no matter what size your portfolio or how you plan to use your money.

Valuable Money Tips for All Income Levels

Whether you have $3 million dollars stashed away somewhere, or you are struggling to pay bills and get a steady income, there are set of principles you should follow no matter what income level you are apart of. When you learn to manage your money wisely, your financial future changes completely.

How To Increase Your Retirement Nest Egg!

The single greatest thing that you can do to increase your retirement nest egg is to automate your retirement funding. Come and see why this is so important, if you ever expect to reach financial freedom.

Things To Consider When Hiring A Financial Planner

People generally wish to save money for their future and with the tight financial situation, they do not actually know how to spend lesser and how to cut out of the expenses made on unnecessary items so that they can save some money each month. So, they come to know that a financial planner can offer them the right kind of guidance for the same and here are the things to consider before actually hiring him…

SMSF, How to Establish a Self-Managed Super Fund in Sydney, Australia

SMSF or Self Managed Super Fund as a wealth management strategy has been growing rapidly since the GFC. People are tired of the fund managers charging fees that don’t match any performance. So it is not surprising investors are taking control of their funds, reducing the costs and reducing volatility in their investments

Five Everyday Money Saving Tips

I am an impulsive buyer. I tend to buy more groceries than necessary because of a forward-thinking that I might need it in the near future. With this kind of shopping attitude, most of the time I go way over the intended budget.

Preparing a Platform for Existence With Social Security Retirement Benefits

Days would be tough if you have secured nothing for the future. However, getting into social security retirement benefits can help you yield in gold in the impending time. You can make investments in more than one way. Thus, you require choosing a genre matching your profile and prospects in earning.

Are You Chasing FAST Money or QUICK Money?

The dictionary meaning of ‘fast’ and ‘quick’ may be the same. But in “my” financial parlance they are totally different. In fact, so different that it becomes a matter of life and death – or a matter of poverty or prosperity – if you do not appreciate the distinction.

How To Enjoy Your Weekends And Still Make Debt Payments

Some people dislike debts entirely because it keeps them from enjoying life. But contrary to how you perceive life will be while in debt, there are ways for you to enjoy your life even if you are buried under a lot of credit obligations.

Budget Managing During Retirement

It is always important to be aware of your financial situation and to never overextend. When you are retired or close to retirement budget managing becomes very important. In most cases, seniors do not have a lot of income sources and they have to stretch their budget a little.

How To Have Fun While Keeping Up With Debt Payments

Being in debt can be such a downer. Not having the budget that will help you finance fun things can really kill the excitement in life. However, you need to realize that there are a lot of things to do that will not require a lot of money. You just have to find better alternatives to make your debt-ridden life worthwhile.

How to Survive the Coming Generational Storm

You need to prepare for this coming generational storm. It will impact every American, regardless of age, opinion or financial status.

Why Should I Install A Floor Safe?

Keeping your financial records and other important documents safe from fire or loss is at worst a good idea. What I have come to appreciate is the value of having cash or items that can be converted to cash on hand that does not show up on inspection of your personal records.

What Are Binary Options? And Why Trade Them?

In the last few years the popularity of trading binary options has shot through the roof. This article explains what binary options are and why they have become so popular.

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