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Perspectives On Philanthropy – Part 1

Do you view philanthropy as the last leg of a comprehensive wealth strategy, the financial “cherry on top?” It’s considered by many to be a deeply personal matter and many individuals and their advisors would just assume it stay that way. However, for those inclined, charitable giving can be more than an optional luxury reserved for excess cash flow and unneeded assets. By developing a disciplined and innovative giving strategy that is integrated with your retirement and wealth transfer goals, your generosity can become more purposeful, impactful and exciting.

Go Ahead, Make Your Gift

From an estate planning perspective, now is an ideal time give to family and other beneficiaries. Once 2013 begins, temporary tax exemption levels are likely to expire.

Future Businesses: Tips On How To Retire By 40

People are finding ways to establish a good future. Therefore, they are developing ways to expand their resources to make their dream come true.

Easy Ways to Save Money Around the House

No need to be overwhelmed by 1001 tips on being frugal. Instead, here are easy steps you can take to start saving money today.

5 Reasons I Am Buying And Storing Gold With Hard Assets Alliance

A key component of wealth building is the protection of purchasing power. Buying gold and storing it offshore gives you multiple benefits. Hard Assets Alliance was formed to make this easier for investors to do and give them a higher comfort level than dealing with some unknown foreign firm.

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