7 Rules the Rich Follow That The Poor Never Learn

It Is Not The End Of The World, But It Will Feel Like It Is!

Stock market cycles indicate that risks are high and it is likely that a dangerous period is ahead of us. Major concerns are considered. A plan of action is discussed which the author believes will lead to a great opportunity.

What If Retirement Plans Change?

People usually think about retirement well in advance like a dreamer would envision an event or an outcome in advance. What if that dream was suddenly changed? What could you do about it? Here are some examples of how this happens: You are 55 years old and considering retiring in 10 years. You have the plan and will likely execute it in 5 years. Suddenly you get “re-organized” and cannot find another job in the same field. Another example is that you are 62 years old and get some kind of long term illness. A third example is that you had a vision of retirement and when it is actually coming true, you realize that you are not interested in it and want to make radical changes. A fourth example is that you may want to change your career but you need to help your children or your parents financially. Finally, maybe you have a retirement plan and it is progressing, but you want to work longer because you enjoy what you are doing.

How to Grow Your Financial Advisory Practice With Online Marketing

Do you wonder if you should do some online marketing? Are you marketing online already and want ideas to do it better? Many financial advisors are successfully using online marketing to grow their business. Some are even marketing online exclusively.

Five Tested and True Steps to a Thriving Financial Advisory Practice – Step 4

Positioning is creating a certain perception of yourself in the minds of your target market-your people. It’s what you want your potential clients to think about you. It’s their impression of you. You want your people to see you as the best person for solving their financial problems, that you are the perfect fit. How do you want potential clients to see you? Don’t go inside your head and make something up. Use the research you did in Part 3. What did you discover was your target market’s most urgent desire? What do they want from an advisor?

What Are You Creating – Income or Wealth?

Here’s an interesting notion from Dan Kennedy in his own words: “One of the lessons I learned slowly and painfully has to do with income versus wealth.” So what’s the difference? According to Dan, sales and profits are important, and they’re what most entrepreneurs focus on. But they’re not wealth, and they don’t produce wealth. Here’s what does.

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