7 Leverage Tools The Rich Use To Make MONEY

Get More Referrals by Answering This Question Correctly

Unfortunately many financial advisors bungle a terrific opportunity to position themselves for more referrals when asked the question, “What do you do?” They answer with their occupation or title. When you position yourself by occupation or title, in the prospects mind, you’re just another financial advisor, planner or wealth manager-you’re not special. Every time you’re asked that question you have a golden opportunity to gain valuable referrals if you answer the question in the right way.

How Your Ideal Client Can Help You More Than You Ever Imagined

Are you struggling because you don’t have enough profitable clients? I used to struggle because I had a lot of borderline clients. Some had difficulty paying my fee, some were constantly rescheduling their appointments and still others wouldn’t follow through on their commitments. Fortunately, I did have some excellent clients. One was an ideal client. He understood the value of my services and understood he was making a lot more money by investing in me. He was energetic, positive and fun to work with.

The Number One Solution For Your Time Problems

I remember when I used to jump at everything anyone thought was urgent-the daily assault of e-mail requests and offers, visitors dropping by for a friendly chat, the ringing phone from people wanting anything except to hire me, that article I stumbled upon while surfing the web that I just might use… someday. Then there was the guilt I felt when vacationing or taking my daily (well, it was supposed to be daily) jog. I would think “I can’t afford to take the time to do this. There’s so much work to do.” So I would skip this vital workout.

Communication Tips for the Independent Financial Advisor

One of the most important assets for a business owner to own is good communication skills. An independent financial advisor must not only know how to communicate with clients, but they must also communicate effectively with employees and industry peers. Communicating is the process of relaying a specific message, directive, or intent effectively

Would You Have The Courage?

In a previous article I described how a business coach acts as your sounding board, your motivator and friend to guide you to the outcomes you want. Sometimes a financial advisor coach helps you dig down deep inside yourself to take courageous action. Here’s a real-life example of how that looks in action. Sheila had a thriving wealth management practice. There were three offices and she was the CEO of the whole operation.

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