6 Most Important Money Questions Answered

7 Things They Don’t Tell You About Your Police Retirement

Two days ago I was talking with some active duty police officers who were going at it, hot and heavy, about C.O.L.A. (s); Cost of Living Allowances, as they relate to securing a meaningful standard of living. Some of the officers believed that the COLA system works exactly as it is designed to do on paper. In truth, my experience is that it does not.

5 Ways to Save Your Family Money at the Grocery Store

This article discusses 5 of my favorite ways to save money at the grocery store. These ideas take very little effort to implement but can result in big savings.

Financial Problems – The Christian Perspective

The Christian handling of money is as important as the way they live out their faith. We’re the examples to those around us not only spiritually but also the way we manage our resources. Are you a good steward to God in your cash management? We read in the scripture this provoking statement, “There is treasure to be desired and oil in the dwelling of the wise; but a foolish man spendeth it up” (Proverbs 21:20, KJV). The Bible says here that, it’s a fool that spends all their resources without any left over. With such attitude and lifestyle certainly there will be financial problems. We’ll look at four possible principles that will help mitigate the problems.

Morningstar Star Ratings – Achievement Not Aptitude

Many investors select mutual funds based on their Morningstar Star Ratings. Unfortunately Star Ratings only measure achievement, not aptitude. Investing based on past performance is a horrible investment strategy, and investors would be wise to opt for an investment strategy based on index fund investing due to their lower fees and expenses.

Steps to Get Your Financial Ducks In A Row in 2012

Since April 15th will be here before you know it, it brought to mind that you might need some quick tips when it comes to organizing your finances. This is the one area of your life that you cannot afford to be disorganized in.

Widows and Suddenly Single Women – Stand Up and Take Charge

Suddenly finding yourself single at any age is a scary and overwhelming moment in time. The pain of the loss of one’s former family unit is a loss one never “heals” from but rather with time, one learns to cope with the pain and sense of lose. To that end I want to share with you three separate stories of ladies I’ve had the honor of working for who I know will inspire you and hopefully give you a relatable outline to follow.

Finding Some Income Budget Ideas for Single Parents

Since I’m not a single parent I had to consult my parents on this one; specifically my Mom. For most of my childhood it was her income that kept the family afloat, that was with me and my three siblings, as my Dad was invested full time as a Missionary (and as you might know, Missionaries seldom get paid financially). So, a quick word with her, and I was enlightened as to her central strategy for handling finances.

How “They” Calculate Your Credit Score

Credit scores can be daunting enough to read through and decipher, but the first thing you must understand and really the most crucial part of improving your credit is: how do they calculate your credit score? First of all, your credit score is available to you from many different sources, including the federal government. You are entitled to a copy of your credit report for FREE once per year from annualcreditreport.

Basics of Stock Trading: An Inside View

Stocks are nothing but shares, which means that you become part owner of a company. It stands for your part of holdings in the company’s assets or earnings, the more the number of shares, the higher the ownership stake.

Earn Extra Needed Money by Working Online

Do you need to earn extra money but are not sure the best way to accomplish this? Check out the world’s largest and fastest growing online workplace, oDesk, for employment opportunities that offer you the chance to perform work you are passionate about with the flexibility of working anywhere you have an Internet connection.

The History of Internet Banking

Internet banking is a very important part of our new global economy. Most people really seem to take this modern convenience for granted. This article seeks to describe the history leading up to where we are today.

How to Conduct Due Diligence Before Investing in Hedge Funds and Funds of Funds

This article explains the steps you need to take before you invest in Hedge Funds and Funds of Funds. Hedge funds and funds of hedge funds are less regulated than mutual funds and and require more investigation prior to investing.

Extreme Couponing – Entertainment, or Real Couponing Tips?

The TV show Extreme Couponing is very fun to watch. But can regular people actually see the same sort of savings? These couponing tips examine the reality behind the popular reality show.

What Is an Asset?

When people are asked this question, they are confused between ‘possessions’ and ‘assets’. Your home, vehicle, jewelry are not assets. A good definition of the term ‘asset’ is something that has the ability to generate income. This is how a financially intelligent and knowledgeable person defines an asset. It is nothing but a personal possession that has an earning potential. That means income producing possession can only be referred to as an asset.

NRI Investments – Save Income Tax and Grow Your Money

NRI or Non Resident Indians are referred to those Indian citizens who have immigrated to any other country in search of better job prospect and/or business opportunity. NRIs are today one of the largest propellers of growth and development as they are aware of the current market trends and opportunities which exist worldwide. Additionally, as NRIs recipient of direct forex reserve, they have large deposits of liquid assets which can be optimally utilized for further expansion of wealth and prosperity.

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