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History of Banking

The very first banks were probably the religious temples of the ancient world. In them were stored gold in the form of easy to carry compressed plates. Their owners justly felt that temples were the safest places to store their gold as they were constantly attended, well built and were sacred, thus deterring would-be thieves.

DIY Investor Transforms Into DIY 2.0 Investor

“So long” financial advisors, “goodbye” financial services industry and “see you later” Wall Street. A ‘new-breed’ of DIY investor has been empowered, equipped and enabled to leave all three of them in their rearview mirror. This ‘new-breed’ which I refer to as a DIY 2.0 Investor or Self Empowered Investor has been transformed thanks to the Web 2.0. Let the mass exodus begin.

Creating Wealth – Ways to Make Extra Money Around Your Schedule

Creating wealth, aka becoming financially free, is the ultimate goal for most people. However, if you’re stressing about your mortgage, not sure about the security of your job or the longevity of your small business in this economic climate – or even just trying to make ends meet – you may just be looking for other ways to make extra money…

Making Money Choices That Are in Alignment With Your Head and Heart

I remember many years ago having a pretty amazing insight. I was working with a client and looking at her financial numbers. She had asked me what steps she could take to improve her situation.

Frugal Fatigue

Budget Burnout is something I have had to address with my clients for years now as it’s a phenomenon that raises its ugly head at almost every home at some point of our lives. We don’t need to have a national recession to feel it, all we need to do is to look at our own home budget and at times, the fatigue and burnout soars.

Cash Flow and Assets

How often do you hear the phrase live large? Financially it means you either have lots of cash flow or lots of assets. The problem is that neither one is the core of sustainable wealth. Learn more.

Bank Secrecy

Bank secrecy is a practice that prevents the bank from revealing the information of the customers’ accounts. The Swiss Banking Act of 1934 originally introduced the legal principle. It was introduced after a public scandal took place in France. M. P. Fabien revealed that several rich French people are trying to avoid tax by keeping their money in the Bank of Switzerland.

How Important Is Your Choice of a Trust Deed Provider?

A protected trust deed is an insolvency procedure that can help residents of Scotland to find relief from debts that have become overwhelming. Scottish trust deeds aren’t however an off-the-shelf product that is exactly same wherever it is sourced from. Like many services, the customer-service performance on offer varies considerably from one trust deed provider to another.

Financial Planning Firms – Why It Is Important?

Financial planning stands in the position of making people’s money work for them. There are too many people in the world today who do not know how to invest in the wisest way. A financial planning firm assesses your current financial situation through the collection of some relevant information such as insurance policies, cash flow statements and net worth, tax returns, pension plans, investment portfolios, and so on.

Retail Therapy Works?

“Shopping as “therapy” is effective at elevating mood, and it doesn’t lead to buyer’s regret. All of the shoppers in a research sample said they had bought themselves a treat during the past week-ranging from a fishing reel to a kitchen magnet-and 62% of the treat purchases were motivated by a desire to repair a bad mood, say A. Selin Atalay of HEC Paris in France and Margaret G.

Filing for Disability: Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits?

Most people think of retirement when they hear Social Security, however Social Security provides benefits to people who are disabled as well. The list of requirements that must be met for Social Security disability benefits is pretty long, and many people don’t meet those requirements. In fact, the Social Security Administration says over 60% of applicants are denied each year because they don’t meet the strict definition of disability. Before filing for disability – tests you must meet to determine if you are eligible for benefits:

Finance for Children: How to Provide Financial Education Through Allowance

Are you looking to teach your child about money management? The earlier you start this process, the easier it will be for your child to develop financial habits that will benefit him or her for a lifetime, and prevent them from moving home after college in serious debt.

Financial Stress Facts and Solutions

For many people, prolonged financial challenges are taking their toll. No matter what economic bracket you fall into, the state of the world economy is affecting the decisions you make about money and lifestyle. In the wake of this state of affairs, did you know that financial stress may be responsible for up to 60 percent of all illness? A 2011 study by Financial Finesse, Inc. reports this fact, along with other fascinating trends in people’s experience of financial stress. In this article, we’ll explore the facts about financial stress and what you can do to reduce your stress.

Financial Advisers: Finding A Trustworthy Money Guide

Finding a trustworthy financial adviser isn’t easy, but it can be done. I’ll show you how.

How To Avoid Overdraft (NSF) Fees

This article is about the fact that there is a simple way to avoid overdraft fees on your checking account. Once you understand what a checking account is, and how it works, you can easily avoid overdraft fees permanently.

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