5 Ways Anyone Can (LEGALLY) Pay $0 In Taxes (not just corporations)

What Do High Net Worth Clients Need From Business Advisors?

“Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me.” This line appeared in a short story written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1926, and even after all these years, there’s a good deal of truth in it-truth that needs to be understood by those who want to serve high net worth clients as business advisors.

Do You Believe In Santa? Read More About The January Effect

We are entering that magical time of the year. No, I’m not referring to the holiday season time of giving and good cheer. I’m talking about that time of year when we get the Santa Claus Rally and the January Effect. The time when investors normally cheer most.

Why Your Business Needs Chartered Accountants

The mention of an accountant to most business owners brings to mind the idea of someone to fill tax forms and make the tax man happy. There is also a belief among business owners that accountants are expensive and the services they offer can effectively be tackled using accounting software readily available in the market.

The Rich Ironically Has the Lowest Expenses

It is one of the ironies of life, but the rich really have much lower expenses relative to their income when compared to the Average Joe! Having practiced law and having served billionaire clients, I’ve had the opportunity to observe this first hand.

Never Run Out of Money Again

If I knew then about money what I know now, the 80’s would never have ended. You may not be old enough to remember the 80’s. But it seemed to me – and to many of my friends – that the 80’s were awash in money. A single mom or dad could work one job and have plenty of money to pay for all the bills, their children’s care, food and even a few extras now and then – and still have money left over.

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