5 Tricks the Rich Use to Make More Money

Do You Have “The Millionaire Mindset”?

In addition to giving you my take on the markets and how to invest your money, I like to keep reminding my readers on “habits” you can easily embrace that will systematically bring you closer to building and retaining wealth. With various theories in this world we live in, I’m sure there are some who think the rich are born with some sort of a “millionaire gene”, something inherent in their DNA that makes them better adapted for wealth creation..

Foreign Exchange Marketing Investing

Foreign Exchange Marketing Investing can bring great returns for those looking to make money through this method. You are able to gain returns way in excess of that which can be gained from the banks, building societies and such institutions.

How to Act Like a Multi-Millionaire

It’s not enough to think like a multimillionaire; you also have to act like one. If you just sit around all day meditating and visualizing, when it comes time to pay the bills, you won’t have much to show for all your positive thinking. Don’t forget that someone has to actually put some effort into making it happen, and that someone is you. Try these four tips to starting acting like a multimillionaire, and watch your wealth manifest in tangible ways.

Interview With an Enthusiastic Holistic Fee-Only Financial Advisor

This spontaneous interview is one advisor’s take on the troubling conflict of interest issue which is so prevalent in the financial industry. Bill is a holistic fee-only financial advisor and he’s telling me about how his colleagues avoid conflicts of interest.

How to Ensure the Success of Your Advisor Practice

Run Your Independent Financial Planning Practice Like a Business Money is always a major concern for most people. The rich and well-to-do constantly need to find ways to manage their riches and build upon them, while those who are not as fortunate continuously look for ways to turn their fortunes. It is for this simple reason that it will always be a lucrative business to provide financial advice.

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