5 Tips to Network Better And Find Clients & Mentors

Reversing Mortgage Lender: Reversing Routines

Reverse mortgage is a type of life time mortgage and find its origin in the United States. They are provided to senior citizens and the age criterion slightly varies with nations. This is a type of equity release in which home equities in a property can be released as multiple payments or a lump of sum.

How To Choose An Offshore Bank

Offshore banking provides maximum privacy for customers. There are two types of offshore accounts including corporate account and individual account. Almost every financial institution charges an entry fee. The first step is to determine how much money you want to allocate to the bank account. In this way, you can accurately determine which bank is likely to accept your application.

Is There Still a Need for Impartial Mortgage Advice When Making Big Life Decisions?

The mortgage market is certainly not what it was a few years ago, and finding the right deal is certainly no easier for that fact. Despite the drop in the number of deals available and with many banks offering deals direct to customers, there are still benefits to taking mortgage advice. While you may hope that finding your dream home means you’re done with decisions for a while, ensuring your dream mortgage doesn’t turn into a nightmare will require at least one more important decision – and one that should not be taken lightly.

Benefits of Maintaining Current Accounts

Current accounts can serve you in countless ways to give you a fast and convenient banking transaction. Read on to see some of the “extra” benefits of current accounts.

Financial Mastery for the Career Teacher

The role of the career teacher is one of the most valuable in our society. We value our teachers so much that teaching consistently ranks in the top 10 most respected professions. Yet the average salary of a career teacher is 17 times less than the average salary of a professional football player. Therefore, it’s critical that teachers create a family financial plan and make it work with what they have and what they’re earning today.

Protect Your Retirement Income From Inflation With Swiss Annuities

Every retiree wants to live a long and happy life after retirement. Yet, that is only possible if one is able to outlive his or her assets.

Older Adults Need Help From Financial Consultants

It can’t be denied that individuals in the age bracket of 80 and above are higher than those in the middle age bracket. Senior people, since they may experience difficulties especially in making decisions, can be victimized easily especially when it comes to money matters.

Should You Retire Early and What You Need to Check Before You Decide

Retirement statistics have proven that lately more and more people decide to take their pension and retire significantly earlier than they normally should if they were to wait for their normal retirement age. Although and early retirement obviously have a lot of benefits for those who take it, those future pensioners should be very cautious and reconsider all aspects of an early retirement before their final decision.

Offshore Banking Simply Explained

When it comes to personal finance taking your banking out of the country has some benefits and potential drawbacks. Here are some basics on offshore banking.

Some Useful Saving Money Tips

When it comes to useful saving money tips there are many things that you can do to really tighten up your finances. It is usually just a matter of being realistic and making a few sacrifices here and there. Even making some minor changes will have a notable impact on the cash that is saved and this is a habit that is well worth cultivating.

How Starting to Use a Private Banking Service Could Benefit You Financially

If you have been considering starting a private banking relationship, but were not sure if it would be a good financial move on your part, please keep reading and your questions just might be answered. The world of private banking has improved so much over the past twenty years or so, that it is very difficult to phantom how a high net worth individual could not come out economically ahead because of their expertise. There are so many different ways that they can be helpful to you, that it is not possible to list them all.

Why You Should Open a Bank Account

Strictly speaking, a bank account is very much needed if you want to keep your money safe. Usually, people who don’t have bank accounts would simply place their cash inside their cabinet or under the mattress.

Finding a Financial Adviser That You Can Trust

Financial advisers can help you in solving money matters but that doesn’t mean that all financial advisers can do that. There are also some people who had bad experience with individuals who call themselves as financial experts.

Financial Planning 101: Fear Itself

What financial advisors hear most is, Is it safe now to get into the market? The answer is usually, No. It’s never safe to get into the market. When the market is falling, they hear, Do you think I should get out? Again, the answer is, No.

Breaking Free of the Money Trap

Getting our money aligned with our values is possibly one of the most powerful actions of sufficiency we have available. Declaring money as an extension of our life force, a form of communication and energy flow, we can direct this flow towards that which continually generates healing, love and wholeness for ourselves and communities beyond ourselves. When we look at our relationship to money we can clearly see our more is better story and we get to confront what it would really mean to take a recess from excess.

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