5 Things you should fix financially before you turn 30

How to Triple the Return on Your Cash Savings

As many of you who read my articles will know, I’m a great fan of keeping as much of your wealth as reasonably practical in gold and silver but even a hard-core gold-bug like me recognises reality. It’s unwise to tie up all your wealth in a single asset class as even gold and silver will have downs as well as ups (as we’ve recently just witnessed). So if only for psychological reasons, it’s best to divide up one’s wealth into a range of different investment and savings vehicles. Despite the poor rates on offer, it’s still essential to keep a reasonable cash cushion so you can sleep at nights. So that leaves us confronted with the small matter of finding the best place to keep our cash in these straitened times.

Savings Accounts for Children

The best time to learn how to manage money is while you’re young. Children should earn money, spend money on things the want and find out for themselves that when the money is gone they can’t buy anything. They need to learn about credit, bargain hunting and debt. Kids should learn how to save up for something big that they really want and they should learn about banking.

Money Saving Tips – Why It’s Important to Save Money

Many people these days want to know how to save money but before they can learn, it is important that they understand why saving is necessary. Regardless of how much people are able to make these days, almost everyone needs to save money. From time to time, people are left with no choice but to borrow money from banks because they did not save for rainy days — and this is where money saving tips can prove to be quite helpful.

What You Should Know About Promissory Notes

Promissory notes are used to provide a written promise to pay with personal loans and bank financing. If borrower’s default on their loan the agreement is used to supply evidence that money is owed to the lender. Promissory notes can be used with practically any kind of loan.

Keeping Kids Out Of Debt

You might not think that kids have much problem with debt, but many kids never get to experience money management skills until later in life. The amount of debt held by young adults under the age of 30 is rapidly becoming an epidemic.

Retirement Savings Tips for Baby Boomers

Most people who are discussing their options and seeing ads for retirement planning now are just some baby boomers who haven’t saved enough money for their retirement. And there are some baby boomers that haven’t saved anything, but it isn’t too late. By following these tips, a comfortable retirement is within your reach.

How You Think About Money Determines How Much You Have

Want to build wealth? Here is the best way!

The DNA Household Finances Strategy

Today, Canadians continue to rack up debt at an alarming rate. Canadians are proud that we rode out the recession with minimal damage. We forget that it left us unscathed, mainly because we borrowed and spent our way through it.

Steps You Might Need To Take To Prepare For A Military Tour Of Duty

Military personnel have to deal with a lot on a day to day basis. This article explores the options open to military personnel prior to being posted overseas. I am not a lawyer, and the information presented in this article does not constitute legal advice.

Dividends: An Old Idea Comes Back Into Fashion

How do you produce income for ever-lengthening retirements? Own shares in companies that earn profits and pay dividends.

The Basics of Offshore Banking Explained

Offshore banking entails the creation of a bank account within the borders of a country in which the depositor does not reside. Although any country in the world could be chosen for an offshore account, there is a select group of popular countries that cater to those who wish to tuck their money away in a secure bank account abroad.

Surviving the Coming Economic Collapse

The predictions of economic collapse are frightening. Many Americans are burying their heads in the sand. They say the collapse will never happen and that it is impossible. Even if it does not happen you need to be prepared.

The Eighth Step To Financial Freedom: Downsizing!

In this eight step to financial freedom, you will learn why it is so important to rid yourself of most material things. Once you have mastered that, you will be well on your way to becoming financially free.

A Retirement Decumulation Journey – Delay Retirement

While the economy is picking up somewhat, there are plenty of people who are still debating when they can retire. Based on the market returns of the last decade, many retirement plans are on hold. With those returns there are a few drivers in a retirement plan that should be looked at, but it really comes down to three options: Save more, spend less or retire later (or sometimes a combination of the three). According to a 2011 study of workers aged 50 and above, 33% planned on delaying retirement. So what really happens in a retirement plan when you postpone retirement?

A Retirement Decumulation Journey: Annuities 101

When I got into the financial services industry in 1994, I focused on helping people save money-accumulation planning. But as people shift from accumulating assets to distributing (spending) those assets the decumulation phase of life begins and brings with it a whole new host of issues to deal with.

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