5 Simple Ways to Spring Clean Your Finances

Receivables Factoring Is Solution To Your Cash Flow Problems

When businesses got more sophisticated, factoring burgeoned as a 20th century industry in the financial world. Accounts receivables factoring is when a business company outsources its receivables collection to one of such companies that performs factoring.

Top 5 Ways of Managing Personal Finances

This article provides valuable information about the financial crunch faced by every single man we meet. It not only provides ways for getting out of the anxiety and stress due to unstable financial conditions but enables you to live a financially stable and happier life.

Preserve Your Family’s Financial Legacy: Proper Estate Planning Is the Key

No matter what your net worth, whether you have assets of millions or thousands, you need to have a basic estate plan in place. What exactly is an estate? Your estate consists of all the property you own at the time of your death, including real estate, bank accounts, stocks and other securities, life insurance policies, and personal property such as automobiles, jewelry, artwork, and household items. Having a comprehensive plan for all these items can resolve a number of legal questions that may arise after you die.

Forgiven Debt and Its Tax Implications

If you have a debt that has been forgiven by a creditor, you may think you got away clean. But many times, consumers will still be on the hook for taxes on that debt. Find out when taxes apply and when they don’t on forgiven debt.

Bank On It

With more than twenty years experience as a Bank Teller and Customer, I have grown accustomed to the ins and outs of banking. You rarely get advice how to shop for banking services. We see advertisements in the media about rates and features but seldom see the benefits. I will share a few important facts in layman’s terms on all you should know when choosing your bank and banking products. Once you are enlightened, you will be able to make wiser banking decisions. Let’s go to the Bank!

So Why Live a Frugal Lifestyle?

Some people live frugally out of necessity, that’s completely understandable when you know the income you have coming in will barely be enough to cover your living expenses. Retirees are a great example. My grandparents worked for most of their adult lives, they doted on my sister & I with nice gifts, regular dinners out and took us with them on vacations. But when they both finally retired they both soon realized that with just their social security and the small pension my grandmother got, they had to make some major cutbacks in order to afford their mortgage and living expenses. The dinners out ceased, the vacations also ceased. The funny thing is for my grandmother the job of NOT spending kept her busier than when she actually worked full-time. So what happens when you realize that the income coming in is not going to drastically improve or the prospect of getting a better paying job is not an option?

Why Do You Want To Become A Millionaire?

Every person in the world has goals. Somebody wants to climb the Mount Everest, another one wants to help as many people as possible. A lot of people want to become millionaires. Now with this goal you have really set a high goal. Or haven’t you?

Saving Money – Is It Really That Difficult?

Everybody likes to spend money. Everybody likes to have nice things. An amazing car, clothes of great brands, a summer house, etc. Do you really need this at the moment? How about you think of waiting for a couple of years and let your money work for you? I would like to dedicate this article to saving money. However, I don’t want to go into detail how you can save money but more that you get the conscience of saving money.

The 3 Most Profitable States For Tax Lien Investing

The third most profitable state for tax lien investing is a tax lien state, but in this state the investor receives a penalty, not an interest rate – like the redeemable deed states. A penalty is more profitable to the investor because it is not annualized, so if the lien redeems a few days after the tax sale, you get the full penalty amount, not some annualized rate.

You Can Stretch Your Dollar Even More

Are you struggling with your debts and out of control finances? Economy has become a priority in our lives due to the constant changes we see every day in all the different areas. With the continual increase in price of goods and services we need to be equipped with the necessary knowledge to be able to manage our finances intelligently, not only to stretch our dollar, but to be able to get rid of our debts as well.

Financial Investment Management – The ‘Burden’ of Money

On a regular basis, situations arise in which people are faced with the “new” responsibility of making financial investment management decisions. This can happen for many different reasons. Often it is a situation in which money has been inherited – a 401(k) rollover, exercised stock options, proceeds from a lawsuit and even the lottery. A surviving spouse also might face this challenge when faced with the “new” responsibility of making the financial decisions. Although the reasons may vary in the creation of these situations, the impact it has on a person is typically the same- a great deal of anxiety. A person goes from one day of not having any major financial decisions other than maybe the monthly bills to the next with the overwhelming burden of caring for the new financial responsibility. Possible life-altering financial decisions need to be made, and the reaction to this new responsibility is not much different from the feelings and emotions parents experience with their first newborn: “I don’t want to make a mistake.” Both situations can cause loss of sleep, irritability, anxiety, indecision and an overall sense of confusion.

Are You and Investor or a Gambler?

The stock market and other investment vehicles can be used for prudent investing or as a gambling mechanism that puts Las Vegas to shame. Sometimes it is hard to tell which you are doing, but there is a way.

Intraday Tips and Their Impact on Changing Fortunes

The stock markets have had a long and illustrious history. With a life spanning a hundred plus years, fortunes have been made and lost during this time. Now-a-days, equity tips from knowledgeable professionals and their expert advice is proving to be a boon to hungry investors being increasingly marginalized in a complex trading environment.

The Minutes and the Market – Should You Worry?

The market recently tumbled 145 points in two days. Why? The Fed released minutes from its January policy meeting. What was in those minutes? Why did the market take a dive right afterward? And should investors be nervous?

Social Security Benefits: Take Them Now or Wait?

When should you take your Social Security benefits? If you wait, you’ll get more per month, right? Doesn’t that sound like a good idea?

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