5 Common Investing Mistakes And How to Fix Them

Writing Paid In Full On Checks

There is a legal trick that usually works, especially when the debtor sends you a letter stating that cashing their enclosed check will be a complete satisfaction of your judgment, and writes on their check, “full and final payment” or “satisfaction in full”. If you deposit their “restricted endorsement” check, you might actually be settling for the amount they sent you, as the full satisfaction of your judgment.

Interesting Tidbits of Information Relating to Car Title Loans

When people think of car title loans, much like payday loans, there tends to be certain demographic stereotypes which come to mind. Most people would assimilate a title loan with large metropolitan regions focusing in on the low income areas.

Comparative Shopping Yields Better Results, Even For Cash Advance Lenders

It isn’t difficult to find an online cash advance or payday loan lender anymore. Search engine results will provide you with pages upon pages of direct lenders waiting for your business. When you put enough effort into choosing the right lender, your loan becomes safer and often times cheaper.

5 Tips To Keep Your New Budget Away From A Cash Advance

Are you looking for some helpful tips to build a better budget and stay clear of online cash advances or maxed out credit cards? You are one in a million looking to get a better handle on cost of life and then some. The New York based debt relief company released a tip sheet to assist those looking to either start, restart or maintain a 2013 budget. There is nothing new, in theory, on the list, but it may cause you to think about how you handled some money matters in the past and set up new habits for the future.

10 Rules to Limit Cash Advances, Pay Down Balances and Protect Your Credit

Breaking the cash advance dependency is a good start to healthier finances. This is one rule of many which is meant to be broken. Relying on any type of third party money source would never be the most cost effective approach to budget planning. If you are looking to have good credit, there are some rules (10 of them actually) which should never be broken to support healthy credit.

Don’t Be a Pensions Ostrich – Get Your Head Out of the Sand

Apparently, the number of employed people in the UK saving into a pension has decreased to an all time low of just 48%. I would have thought that having to rely on the Government State Pension alone in retirement was enough of an incentive to do something yourself.

Spending Is Key to Financial Freedom

Most people think income is key to financial freedom. I say it’s more about spending.

Partying Like It’s 1999

The stock market is nearly at new highs… or is it? Depending on how you invest, you may be far behind the averages. Is this time different? How do you assess your position and risks going forward? How we can learn from the past?

Using Returns to Pick a Mutual Fund

A mutual fund in this case can also be a segregated fund or other portfolio of securities managed by an investment manager. How do you look at returns to choose what fund to buy? What parameters are reliable, and which ones are not that useful in making a decision? Please note that any discussion of returns would be balanced by a discussion on risk. Standard deviation is commonly used to represent risk, but risk is a big topic that should be covered separately. This article will focus only on the return side of the equation.

Cash Advances to Student Loans – 10 Financial Considerations Before You Choose

Problem debt stereotypically involves both online cash advances and credit card balances. Home mortgages and car loans are considered good debt. When income does not support the latter payments, it is hard to describe it as good. It takes some common sense, a bit of finesse and a lot of control in order to keep debt problems out of a budget. There are ten practical moves which can alleviate or prevent problem debt for the upcoming year.

Ways to Send Money Internationally

I am not a financial expert, but I have experience in sending money to America from abroad. The thing to understand is that all banks have an intermediary financial institution. These institutions process monies and resend them to other financial institution.

Simple Steps to Get Rid of Your Multiple Credit Card Debt

Credit cards are common among people today. Though some people use them sensibly, many struggle to use their credit cards properly and get into debt. One of the main reasons why people struggle with their credit cards is that they take multiple credit cards. More credit cards mean more credit options, so they start purchasing things impulsively – slowly getting into credit card debt. If you are one of them struggling to come out of multiple credit card debt, here are some steps that will help you.

Learn To Pay Yourself First If You Want To Reach Financial Freedom!

Every list of steps to reach financial freedom, includes an entry on paying yourself first. Start by changing your thinking. You must learn to work at this, as it does not happen automatically.

Planning to Buy a Luxury Car? Think Twice Before You Buy It

When purchasing a new car, one has two options – a moderately priced functional car and a fancy luxury car. Many people today are willing to spend more and buy a luxury car. Do you think, it is a good decision? It may not be. Here are some reasons why.

Even A Cash Advance Won’t Help If You Lose Your Job, What Then?

With all the budget juggling I have to do on those “overloaded” months, you would think I would have taken out many cash advances for some quick money relief. Thankfully, I have been able to put a little bit away on the regular budgeted months to counteract the extra costs. I would also have to say that I am very thankful for the health of my family so I don’t have to worry about medical expenses. I am also very thankful to be employed.

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