4 Simple Steps to Investing Your Money & Building Wealth

Judgments and How They Affect Your Credit

Anyone can sue anyone else for any real or imagined reason. When someone sues you, that does not go on your credit report, unless they later win their judgment against you. Credit reporting agencies usually and eventually find judgments, especially after judgment liens are recorded. It takes a while for a judgment to show up on your credit report. If you satisfy a judgment quickly, it may never show up on your credit report.

Teaching Kids to Manage an Income

We have been working out the details of managing an allowance for our kids over the last six years, and have a few guiding principles that have helped us adapt when changes are necessary. An allowance isn’t their money…

Retirement Advice – How To Cash In A Pension

People generally wish to avoid bankruptcy and for attaining this objective, alternative sources of funding are required in the current circumstances. Alternative indicates newer sources of finances as compared to the conventional lenders like banks, friends or family members.

Traditional IRA Vs Roth IRA

Both the Traditional and Roth IRAs are great ways to save up for retirement, although a closer look at the two shows that each IRA has its own set of advantages to offer. Deciding between the two is a major financial decision, one that could result in theoretically large consequences.

Get Your Investments Organized!

When I work with potential clients, I find they share what they have in their main accounts quickly and easily.Β  What will take longer to get around to are the other accounts they haven’t done anything with for years, and in some cases decades!

Will Calculating How Much I Owe Help Me Start to Pay Off My Credit Card Debt?

When you have big credit card debt, or any debt for that matter, does it help you face it if you sit down and calculate how much you owe in total? Doing this is something which is recommended by many advisors. The idea behind it is to shock you into action. But does it work?

How to Increase Income to Pay Off Debt

When you are buried in debt, your mind is filled consistently with two things: how to pay off your debts and how to earn more money. This is normal but instead of wondering how both can be accomplished, why don’t you start figuring out money making endeavors? There are endless possibilities as long as you know where to look.

The No. 1 Mistake Bond Investors Make

When investing in bonds, emphasis should be put on the bonds yield as opposed to focusing on its dollar price, other things being equal. To professional investors, a bond’s yield is actually its price. To become a wiser bond investor, learn the nuances of yield and avoid making the #1 mistake bond investors make.

Find Savings Everywhere

At a very early age I learned that not everyone pays the same price for the same item. Are you paying more than you need to?

Money Skills For Kids

Our education system is good, just not at teaching our kids about money. This education will have to come from other sources. This article provides some foundations of personal finances that will not be included in any high school curriculum

Avoiding Debt Collection Agencies

If you are having a difficulty with debt, you certainly are not alone. As a matter of fact, there are more people that are having a problem with their finances because of the current economic conditions. Although they may have been able to pay their bills at one time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so and there may come a time when they can really mount up and cause you difficulties.

Let Me Show You How To Save Money Online!

The way people are doing their shopping is changing all the time. No longer is it a necessity to make the trek out to the supermarket on a weekend for the ‘big shop’. Now you can simply order online and have it delivered at your convenience or collect it from you nearest Supermarket. Also Christmas shopping is becoming easier with all the major retailers having online stores with delivery or local collection available. However one thing that is not getting easier is the cost of shopping and Christmas.

Plan Your Social Security

Social Security–you invested in it, and you’ll want to maximize your return. So don’t let this part of your retirement plan go… unplanned. Regardless of whether you think it will be here or whether you think you’ll need it, it makes sense to plan for Social Security. It’s a benefit you or your spouse paid into, and you would be foolish not to try to get the most out of it.

3 Ways Your Accountant Can Help Manage Your Personal Finances

You should see your accountant as a lifelong adviser, helping you build and protect your wealth steadily and sensibly over the years. Far beyond managing your tax obligations they can help with almost every aspect of your personal finances, offering wise words at the right moments to help you build your wealth and stability. An accountant may not be cheap, but over the years you’ll see this as the best investment you ever made.

Retire Early With All The Money You Want

Earn high interest rates and create passive income investing in Tax Lien Certificates. Some counties offer up to 18% interest over as little as 2 years!

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