3 Reasons why money always flows to the rich

The Ninth Step To Financial Freedom: Getting Your Mind Under Control

In this final step to financial freedom, you will learn why being in charge of your mind is so important to realizing your dreams of quitting the rat race. When you take control, you have the power to be free.

NRI Trading Account – Your Window to Prosperity

Share market has always mesmerized people from all walks of life. As the name suggests, it is an official platform where professionals or members deal in company shares on the behalf of their clients; called investors.

Cash for Gold – Go for the Best

If the barter system was the widely used medium of exchange in the early days of civilisation, cash and currency have replaced them effectively and have been widely used as the preferred medium of exchange. However, despite all the trade in currency and the fluctuating exchange rates, the demand for gold has never ceased to excite people looking to monetise their assets or invest. The difference between currencies and gold is that the demand for gold has not been fluctuating with time and has only been heading in one direction.

Is It Worth Using A Claims Company To Claim Back PPI (Payment Protection Insurance)

With over 20 million PPI policies in existence, banks are reeling over the many many claims being made. Most claims are made using a claims management company who take a 25% fee of any payouts you receive.

The Sixth Step To Financial Freedom: Multiple Streams Of Income

This sixth step to financial freedom includes one of the most important aspects of securing your financial future. That of course is the ability to develop multiple streams of income.

The Romney Trust: A Masterpiece

As a financial adviser, I look at a well-executed financial plan in the way an art lover looks at a painting. Mitt and Ann Romney’s 1995 Family Trust, with its reported $100 million, is my financial planning Mona Lisa.

How to Generate Money Quickly

If you are in dire need of quick cash, the easiest solution would be to withdraw money from your credit card. But if you have already maxed out your credit limit, don’t want to use your credit card because of high fees, or you don’t want any future financial obligation, there are still ways to generate money quickly. All you need are innovation, outside-of-the-box thinking, and some guts to pull these through.

Importance of Money Management – How To Keep Your Finances In Order

It is very important to devise a method of money management to keep your finances in order and avoid problems. There are several ways of managing your money – use a free online system, buy a money management software package or design your own system on an excel spreadsheet.

Money Management – How To Manage Your Finances Properly And Improve Your Lifestyle

Whether you are managing your money at home or managing the money going into and out of a business, we all know that this can be frustrating and at times extremely difficult. Most people struggle to pay their bills and, as the saying goes, ‘to make ends meet.’

IRAs and Roth IRAs – Defer Tax Liability on Funds You Invest for Retirement With an IRA

IRAs or Individual Retirement Accounts came before the advent of the 401(k) plans and continue to provide a fine alternative or supplement to other types of retirement savings plans and pensions. There are lots of good reasons to invest in IRAs. No Pension or 401(k) provided by Employer Not every employer offers 401(k) plans to their employees and you many not be eligible to receive a pension from your company or union.

How Do I Manage My Money? – Personal Money Management Principles

The starting point to proper money management is gaining control over your financial resources. Gaining control means having a deliberate approach to the way you handle your money.

All the Most Successful Sports Teams Have One – So Why Don’t You?

Like most people, I expect you spend a lot of time imagining how you’re going to spend your retirement. Caribbean cruises and tearing around the countryside in your Porsche 911 are enticing thoughts. But have you recruited the second most important person in your life to achieve them?

HARP Rules Being Revamped

The housing bubble burst leaving a whole slew of struggling home owners in its wake and the government realized that it had to do something. HARP (Home Affordable Refinance Program) was introduced to allow people to refinance their homes on lower interest rates to give them a chance to survive the economic downturn.

How to Plan Your Finances at Various Life Stages!

When financial disaster strikes us and we blame debt for it, do we ever once spare a thought towards the fact that it could have been easily averted had we been careful with our financial planning earlier? Yes, finance management or rather smart money management at every stage of life is the only way to avoid the hassles of debt and debt management later on. Financial freedom and savings are two very important things to consider in life, when managing money with expertise.

Questions For Your Debt Negotiator

Dealing with creditors can be a hassle, which is why people often choose to enlist the help of a third party debt negotiator. While working with a third party may be helpful, there are some things to consider. First, are they legitimate?

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