20 Largest Landowners In The World

How to Get a 10% Return on Your Savings

One way to make a return on your savings is to invest in a solar PV array which will typically give you a 10% return year on year for 25 years. This is due to the governments Feed in Tariffs which are index linked and guaranteed for the full 25 year period.

Halifax Retirement Mortgage – What Income Is Considered Acceptable?

The Halifax retirement mortgage being an interest only mortgage has quite strict qualifying criteria. The income that does count towards the affordability calculation is not always counted as fully allowable, quite often only a percentage is allowed.

A Reverse Mortgage in Toronto – Advantages and Disadvantages

Homeowners aged 60 and older can obtain a reverse mortgage in Toronto, Ontario as well as all the other provinces in Canada. HomEquity Bank offers the Canadian Home Income Plan (CHIP) which is the primary source for most Canadian reverse mortgages. Be sure to check with your financial institution or bank about other options.

Learning More About Reverse Mortgage Requirements in Canada

When you’re searching for a mortgage of any type you are more than likely well aware that you are going to have to meet specific requirements and do certain things in order to get everything together that you will need to apply for one. The main problem with mortgages is not only are they confusing to get through by yourself but it is also difficult to figure out what you need to get one.

Erase Debt With A Net Worth Worksheet

Corporations know it as a Financial Balance Sheet. This would be your own Personal Balance Sheet. Basically it provides you with an overview of your total worth on paper.

Federal Grants For Individuals – Get Yours Free NOW

Federal grants for individuals are given to every American citizen on a per year basis and you don’t need to do anything to be eligible for this. You just have to be a citizen of America and of course, above 18 years of age. Today, I’m going to share with you in this article, how to get these grants and also the secret source where you can get this as well.

Will Your Finances Be Easy To Deal With When You Are Gone?

Many times, working in a high street bank, I have seen relatives and loved ones struggle to deal with finances of a deceased person. Here I give a few pieces of practical advice to help make things easier in the event of someone passing away.

Reduce Your Inheritance Tax and Cost of Care

When it comes to probate, the most expensive mistakes are likely to arise from poorly drafted Wills. Unnecessary costs for families are often likely to include Inheritance Tax liability and care home fees which could have been reduced, or even in some cases avoided.

A New Spin to Your Loss of Income

When you are facing loss of income, you can turn the tide around. Counteract the loss and find a new source of your income. Get your creative juices flowing so that you can think of a way for your new source of income. Feel the adrenaline rush in your veins as you prepare for this new challenge ahead. So how then do you counteract the loss of income? Here are some tips to help you get started:

Spending Tips That Match What You Earn

Talking about money has become something we fear and something that sends shivers down our spine especially when we know that what is on about in this recession is something that might leave lot of people impoverished at the end of it all when careful planning is not put in place. People have started to learn how not to spend their hard earned money carelessly and how to make what they actually earn work for them for longer than it usually does.

The Best Personal Finance Tips I Learned

These personal finance tips are worth more than thousands or even millions of dollars. Personal finance is about a process not a single destination. These tips enhance the process to financial prosperity.

The Money Century

Money plays an important role but to most of us it is mostly about survival. We try to live rich social and spiritual lives but we constantly struggle to make ends meet. We know this is no way to live but don’t know how to fix it. It is why you need to learn more and why you need to find a way to fit this knowledge into your life. It is said that “a man who earns $1.00 but spends $1.01 is in misery. A man who earns $1.00 and spends $.99 is in bliss”. Do you have monetary bliss or misery? The first time you experience the feeling of not living from pay check to paycheck you will find a burden lifted from your shoulders and begin to see the world a different way.

Financial Advice: Rebuilding A Relationship of Trust

With the recent passage of the historic Financial Regulation Bill, the transgressions of the financial industry have once again taken center stage. The legislation comes at a time when mistrust of financial services is epidemic. Nervous investors traumatized by losses and mismanagement of their funds wonder how to go about getting reliable and trustworthy advice.

Canadian Interest Rates Increase As Homeowners Struggle to Manage Debt Loads

Arguably, some have reported that the economy is improving. Some Canadian families have even started to use credit with confidence again. To all of you who are dipping back into your credit, you should heed the Bank of Canada Governor warning.

Before and After the Great Recession – What Our Clients Do With Their Money

The financial crisis of 2008/2009 resulted in the collapse of large financial institutions, the collapse of house prices and a stubbornly high unemployment rate, which has left too many people without jobs and with money troubles. The Great Recession contributed to the failure of key businesses, a drop in consumer wealth estimated in the trillions of dollars, and serious shortfalls for all levels of government that has affected many of the services we used to take for granted…

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