20 Inspiring Quotes About Money

Certified Financial Planner – How to Find the Best One

To make sure that your financial demands are met, you have to find a certified financial planner qualified for the job. So, how do you find the right one?

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Aims to Protect Families From Abusive Banking Practices

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was created as part of the Consumer Protection Act of 2010 in an effort to protect families from abusive practices in the banking, lending, and personal credit industries. Its mission it to level the playing field for American families in the marketplace for consumer financial products and services. The agency has rule making authority and supervision powers, and to repair the broken consumer credit market it uses a combination of technology and consumer education to accomplish its mission.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People: The Frugal Finance Edition

Do you have a problem with saving money and budgeting? Do you think being frugal is something you can never be, and you will be forever stuck with poor finance habits your whole life? The international bestseller “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” is one of the most influential self-help books ever published. It outlines a framework for taking personal responsibility for your life, and making positive changes in order to live a good and happy life. The same framework can be applied when dealing with your financial situation.

How Many Ways Can You Invest in Gold

Gold bullion coins are sold on the commodities exchange at a premium over the gold market. This makes gold coins better for a security investment rather than a form of short term capital. The premium is based on the type and weight of a coin.

During Such Economic Crisis

During such economic crisis like this, it really pays off to know how to save money from every aspect including your daily life. Some people would simply cut off the budget and save it for later while others try to invest their hard earned money for more income when in fact, there are a lot of ways for you to save money without even have to lift a finger. Read newspapers about deals and cut out coupons.

Facts and Myths of Obama’s Making Home Affordable Act

Ward off the Myths on Obama’s modification program, and make full use of plan for your very own benefits and profits. You will have a good way to begin with.

How Active Is the Role of Loan Modification Company in Application Process?

If you are applying for home mortgage refinancing, the very first thing that should come in your mind is about Home Affordable Modification Program Guidelines. Having complete knowledge about the guidelines will help you to easily get through not only mortgage refinancing, but also monthly money saving. Now, how will you become knowledgeable about home mortgage refinancing guidelines?

Is There A Time For Mortgages For Contractors?

People say that in a moment of crisis if you have money, it is better to buy. In that moment all the prices are down. The company makes a lot of discounts. The banks decrease their rates of interest. If you have bought a house in the years before the global crisis, it will most certainly have cost more money than now. There are two factors that fix the price.

Understanding What Fine Wine Investment Is

There are several great wine choices for investment. You can make a great deal of money through wine investment and will be very satisfied with the results. Having a good idea of the different wines that are in popularity right now is extremely important as it will help you make the right choice. Almost every country makes their own wines, especially in Europe, however, not all are great choices for investment, and being educated on the different wines on the market and the different grades and growth possibility is extremely important.

The Nest Egg Myth: How the Rules to the Game Have Changed

Few would disagree that the nest egg (long-term) savings concept is as American as Mom and apple pie. So how could it be a myth? Actually, it was not until about 10-20 years ago. But as President Obama recently said in his 2011 State of the Union speech, “the rules to the game have changed”.

Youth and Financial Responsibility

This is an article about financial responsibility and inculcating good economic values in our youth.  Generally in society, people don’t like to talk about three subjects – sex, politics and money and it is these three subjects that really affect society the most. If we want to move forward as a people then it is important to get over these mental blocks and social taboos.

How To Budget For a Recession

It is pretty difficult to budget for a recession when there is not much to budget with. There are ways though that you can make the dollar stretch beyond what you thought possible.

Online Banking Has Changed the World

For those of you that don’t remember, there was once a time when all banking was done at the local branch. The bank branch had very limited hours was closed on weekends and in some cases was not very helpful. If you come from the developing world and are familiar with state and government run banks, you will remember that to get even the simplest transaction done at the bank would require hours of standing in line, many visits and maybe even some bribery.

Use Excel to Keep Control Over Your Finance

I used to be a financial analyst and used MS excel in a variety of ways. From building financial models to using it as a crude database, excel can be used for many different purposes and you can use it very easily to keep an eye on your finances. This first thing to do is to create an excel file.

Borrowing Money – Checking the Loan Details

Institutions that lend you money are notorious for adding hidden charges to the debt that you owe them. If you are aware of them, you can avoid them.

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