The Ultimate Business Opportunity – Let Me Inspire You (Part 2)

The ultimate business opportunity has been replayed a billion times throughout time. Over the centuries the ultimate business opportunity has been discovered and re-discovered by millions of shrewd, smart people. Here it is.

Make Money with No Investment -Starting from Scratch

No money? How to make money with no investment capital. To start from scratch you only need to know how, let me enlighten you a little.

The Big Capital Gain or The Meagre Cash Flow Avenue?

If you have swallowed the cash-flow fallacy, you may want to read this and reasess your strategy. Rapid money comes from capital gains every time.

Eight Steps to Financial Freedom – Part Two

Now you’ve got your money under control, it’s time to take stock and build a strategy for financial freedom. Part Two of this series shows you how.

Eight Steps to Financial Freedom – Part One

What does financial freedom mean to you? Whatever it means there is a simple strategy to get you there. This is not about ‘get-rich-quick’ – it’s about focus and motivation and perseverance.

Does Your Financial Plan Belong in a Cartoon?

Are you someone who kids yourself into believing you just won’t retire? That you’ll just zip around and keep chasing your earnings for the rest of your life? (As unappealing as working forever may sound, add this to your reasons not to follow that plan: According to Robert Nestor, principal of retiree services with Vanguard Group, about half of recent retirees left the workforce early because of poor health, buyouts or layoffs.

How to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Financial Advisor

The alternative to commission-oriented advisers rests in fee-based and hour-based advisers—professionals who make their money by looking after your financial well-being, not by selling you products. Just as you want to see a doctor to provide ongoing advice about your health, this is the kind of adviser you want if you’re interested in protecting your financial health. Yet working with a fee- or hour-based adviser rather than a commission-based adviser is no guarantee that she’s in it for more than the quick buck. To select the right adviser, you still must ask a few questions.

Sure-Fire Methods for Building Money Momentum

Do you know what the three methods are for building money momentum? Did you know you can change the forecast of your financial weather report? What do savvy business owners know that is costing you, the consumer a fortune? Read this article and find out about this information and more.

Save Money Basics

‘MONEY’, in this era I think can well be stated as the ‘Most Outstanding Necessity Enveloping You’. Life is impossible without money. Funds are essential in every walk of life. So, such a crucial indispensable aspect of our lives needs extra care and protection. This article, therefore, is a guideline to many effective money saving strategies.

A New Paradigm Shift In Earthly Wealth

Its a grass roots movement, quietly sweeping the face of the planet. Simply, our observations can be called a revolution in monetary distribution for all mankind. The playing field is leveling and we all may live well today. The method is called opportunity-investment. They are retiring on millions rapidly.

Top 7 Ways To Get Rich

Here are the best 7 roads to riches; the top 7 easiest and fastest ways to get rich now…

Spiritual and Emotional Money Goals: The Keys to a Financially Free Future

You know you need to save more, spend less and invest wisely, but is that really enough to create lasting wealth? Sometimes the key to financial growth means looking beyond our practical wealth building plan. Sometimes we need to look at our spiritual and emotional GOALS around money.

A New Economic Policy

Economics made easy. A radically different approach to wealth and work which puts happiness within the reach of all.

Have You Ever Had That Feeling?

Have you ever felt like an opportunity of a lifetime was happening right before your very eyes? Imagine making a fortune from what other people said could not be done. Could it be that the opportunity to amass wealth is happening right now and you are missing it?

WARNING: The Biggest Lie About Social Security

Like I said, If you are poor and on social security do not, and I repeat do not read this article. Why? Cause I am going to blast the recent article that was in USATODAY on August 16, 2005.

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