15 Things Successful People Do in Their 20’s

Wealth Management, Wealth Protection, and Tax Planning

Our progressive tax system in the United States facilitates the redistribution of wealth from the more fortunate to the less fortunate. Now, the U.S. judicial system is also being used to redistribute wealth through litigation. Entrepreneurs, business owners, retirees and others who have accumulated any significant amount of wealth are often financially devastated by the U.S. judicial system.

Tips on How to Make More Money

Learn the four keys to making more money, whether you’re an insurance salesman, a rock guitarit, or anything in between…

Can You Be Rich? Part 1

Can you be rich? What does it take to be rich? A high paying job or sound financial principles? Maybe it’s passive income you need…

Pay Yourself First – If the Only Thing You Did Was This, You’d be Rich

What most people do when they earn a dollar is pay everyone else first. They pay the landlord, the credit card company, the telephone company, the government, and on and on. The reason they think they need a budget is to help them figure out how much to pay everyone else so at the end of the month-or the year, or their working life-they will have something “left over” to pay themselves. This, my friend, is absolutely, positively financially backwards. And because this system does not work, people wind up trying some pretty strange ways to get rich.

Business Ownership, Cash in Your Pocket – Today!

Yesterday we learned that 74% of all wealth is created by people who own their own business. Below are a few facts about owning your own business, specifically a home-based business that you may not be aware of. Fact: The fastest growing segment is home-based businesses.

Thieves Continue to Pull Off the Biggest Heist in History…Until Now!

Learn how thieves are pulling off the biggest heist in history in everyone’s plain view. You may even be sending them referrals to continue this heist.

Cost Averaging – It Makes Sense (Dollars & Cents)

Can you survive your investment strategy? Here are some thoughts on how to invest using the “cost averaging” technique.

Investment Techniques For Creating Passive Income

The formula for Wealth Creation is relatively simple. In order to increase your wealth, you need to increase your wealth generating activities. Most of us start out trading our time, for money. We get paid an hourly rate for doing a certain job. The problem with this is that in order to increase your income, you usually need to increase the amount of hours you sell to your employer or clients.

The One Important Secret of Making More Money Easily

The one secret of making more money easily is to use other people’s time, skill, talent, networks or money…

Tax Help – Girls (and Guys) Just Want to Have Fun by Using Tax Saving Tips

Learn how to make your fun tax deductable while using tax savings.

Tax Strategy – There’s More to Building Wealth than Clipping Coupons

High returns don’t have to mean high risk. Like most things in life, a little bit of prudence greatly increases the safety factor.

Easy Ways to Save $1,000

Vacation season is upon us and it can be tempting to pull out the plastic. To enjoy a vacation that you are not paying for when the next vacation season rolls around, consider a plan that costs $1,000 or less and pay cash. You will no doubt enjoy your vacation more knowing that you will return home with only your memories and without credit card bills…

Saving Money – 35 Pieces of Advice to Save

There are only 2 ways to grow your wealth – Increase your income (by earning more and saving more) or decrease your costs. Here are a few money saving ideas that everyone can put in place…

Wealth – 10 Basic Steps to Achieving It

Everyone wants to be wealthy. Only a few actually achieve it though so following these steps could help put you into that minority group of the rich. Check out these 10 steps then apply them to your own personal situation…

Increase Your Business with a New “Old” Method: Vaastu Shastra

Whether an established conglomerate or a fledgling company, a business in the red or black, from home or from office – everyone loves a helping hand. If the tooth fairy existed life would be much simpler, but since she hasn’t paid us a visit in a long time Vaastu Shastra might be a good alternate.

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