15 Risks Everyone Should Take In Life

Lessons I Learned From Steve Jobs About Money and Wealth Creation

Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder and visionary leader not only changed the face of technology but the face of wealth creation. And here are two lessons I learned from Steve Jobs about wealth Creation.

Time Is Money: What Does It Mean?

‘Time is money’ is a phrase that is often repeated by professionals as well as everyday people alike. But what does the phrase mean? Does it have any relevance to today’s way of life, or has it lost its meaning?

What Services Should Specific Financial Advice for Doctors Include?

In a previous article we discussed just how important specific financial planning for doctors can be. But when choosing your financial advice provider, which services should you particularly look out for?

The Little Known Secret to Transforming Your Relationship With Money

There’s nothing quite like money to prompt our egos to flare up, get our stomach wrenched in knots and cause us to get instantly reactive and defensive. Some of the ways I’ve seen money struggles arise is when I hear my clients say things like:

Mortgage Fraud Rates on the Rise

As Americans continue to struggle with rising debt, increased unemployment, falling home values, and threats of foreclosure, a recent report from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network of the federal Treasury Department reports that mortgage fraud is becoming increasingly common. In fact, in the second quarter of 2011, identified incidents of mortgage fraud surged by nearly 88 percent.

Offshore Banking Is Great

Offshore banking in a nutshell, is depositing your money with a bank which is not in your country. Primarily people will do this for the added financial benefits and increased stability of their assets. Gone are the days where offshore banking is considered for criminals, it has in fact become very mainstream and it is not uncommon to see advertisements for these banks in your favourite magazine or newspaper.

QROPS – Things to Consider

QROPS can offer a powerful and effective addition to your global wealth management strategy. As with any financial decision though, you should always make sure that you get as much information as possible from a professional, in order to assess whether or not the QROPS that you’re considering will offer you the benefits that you’re looking for.

The Correlation Between OPR and BLR

This article uses terms which will be familiar to readers if they are residing in Malaysia. BLR, or Base Lending Rate, quoted in percentage, simply put, is the cost of borrowing money from financial institutions for any man in the street. For house buyers, this all may seem familiar – you want the lowest interest rate for your mortgage loan. However, at any given time, BLR is fixed, so the only variable in this equation is the percentage discount (BLR minus) or premium (BLR plus) from the BLR rate.

What Is Debt Counseling Actually?

If you are wondering “what is debt counseling” you will need your research has ended. The reaction to the question “what is debt counseling” is easy. It is a method of helping people who are suffering from over-indebtedness to combat their debt, manage their, and acquire defense from the harassment of credit loan providers.

An Introduction to UK Bonds

UK bonds are very popular at the moment because of their relative stability at a time of real turmoil with the financial markets and banking sectors, in both the UK and across the rest of the world. This article will help to introduce you to the different forms of UK bonds which are currently being issued by the UK Government Treasury plus also private corporate companies who tend to offer slightly different alternatives to each other. Despite the poor nature of the UK economy there remains an interest in investment here and not only for native British people.

Depressed About the Economy? There Is Always a Silver Lining

In the current economic climate, there is much to trouble the average American. While housing prices remain low, U.S. Treasury bonds are paying minimal interest, and stocks continue to fall. Yet, in all this mess, there are still bright areas.

How to Make $1000 Online

First off, you will need different income streams to achieve your target of $1000 monthly income. For some people who have been in the online industry long enough, this is quite easy.

Finding Middle America: Jobs, Housing, and Retail

During the past quarter century, Middle America has worked hard for its place at the financial table, assisting retail sales and job growth and entrusting in the ideals of continued economic prosperity. This trust is being currently being tested.

The Futures So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades – Q4 Could Surprise on the Upside

It seems nobody has anything positive to say about the future. This data coupled with the intense negative investor sentiment should bring a good Q4.

Prepaid Debit Cards – The Ideal Card for Bad Credit

If you have poor credit, then obtaining a conventional Mastercard or Visa card can be difficult. Prepaid debit cards are accessible to everyone regardless of credit history and can be used at the same places a conventional debit card can. Prepaid debit cards are ideal for budgeting as you only load the amount of money onto the card that you wish to spend. They are safe and secure as there is no need to reveal your bank details, cutting the risk of conventional credit card fraud.

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