15 money mistakes you should avoid at all costs

Could I Get a Better Annuity Rate?

The thing with annuities is that once you agree to yours, you’re stuck with it – for the rest of your life. Therefore it is unsurprising that consumers are keen to secure themselves the best deal possible for their circumstances. Each year, many people settle for the first rate offered to them by their pension provider simply because they did not realise that there were other options that could be considered.

Top 10 Money Management Tips for College Students

Do you want to have both money and time? Although I am writing this for college students, it does not mean the principles do not apply to young adults or the young-at-heart. These tips are useless unless you act on them. TAKE ACTION, okay?

Helpful Tips On Saving Up For University or College

Although filled with excitement and eager anticipation, going away to university or college can a tough time for everyone. You have the emotional strain of leaving your loved ones and immersing yourself in a world of the unknown and also the natural concerns that come with making such a big milestone in your life. All whilst you are likely to be waiting for exam results that may even determine whether you get accepted into your chosen destinations.

7 Ways to Build Wealth the Right Way

Many people will work for the majority of their lives. Follow these tips to build wealth and be capable of retiring happily!

13 Ways to Make Money Without Employment

Money from alternative sources of income are a great boost to finances. Here are 13 interesting ways you can make some quick money.

Annuity: Homerun or Foul Ball?

There has been a tremendous amount of discussion around the pros and cons of annuities. In this article, you’ll learn why an annuity works for this author.

The HARP Program 2012 – Could This Program Be Your Ticket To Financial Freedom?

Did the financial crisis hurt you too? Struggling with your monthly mortgage payments? The government Harp Program 2012 could help you. Read about it below.

What Not To Do When Facing A U4 Customer Complaint

When facing a U4 customer complaint as a financial adviser, how you react to it greatly affects the eventual outcome. Here is what not to do when so as to secure the best possible outcome for yourself.

My Top 5 Ways to Save Money When Shopping Online

More and more shoppers are turning to the internet to do their shopping. Not only is the internet a great way to surf for a greater selection of what you’re looking for, there’s also plenty of additional opportunities to help save you that little extra. Here are our top ten tips for making your money go further online.

The Secret of the Rich Part 1: Making Your Money Work For You

There is this one secret of the rich that you need to know. We all know that the rich handle money differently than most normal people do, in fact, the rich don’t necessarily work for money they actually let their money work for them. But how do they do it? In this article I’ve discussed the reason how the rich let their money make more money and how you can do it too, even with little or no money at all.

Selecting the Best High Value Insurance

When it comes to choosing the best insurance for your specific needs and lifestyle, it is important not to rush into any decisions. It can take a long time for you to figure out which way to best approach the purchase of a new insurance policy, and this is especially the case when there are so many different types of insurance out there to choose from. One thing that you will want to do is make sure to be well educated on the subject and spend as much time as you need to figure out a good insurance policy that…

Financial Management and You

Financial management revolves around making fiscal and monetization decisions in a business enterprise. It dictates the financial direction of a corporation and introduces you the concepts needed to the thinking steps and tools.

Nigerians Abroad: Helping People Back Home While Saving For Own Retirement

It was an immense honor to have been asked to be the Keynote speaker at the recent Uzuakoli Development & Cultural Association convention. Here is the speech: Once upon a time, there was a very tall man. He was so tall everyone called him “giant”.

Trust: The Most Precious of Commodities

Difficult economic times emphasize how trust is the most valuable commodity available. Investors need to be certain their trust is well placed.

Planning Through Life’s Changes

It’s been said that the only constant in life is change. While life’s changes may be happy or sad, each brings its own set of unique financial and legal implications. For life’s happy changes, we are sometimes too overjoyed or blissful to think through all the issues clearly. It’s easy to overlook important items and decisions when life seems so good. Conversely, during periods of grieving or depression, it’s tempting to bury your head in the sand- or to make rash decisions. Here are a few thoughts about navigating some of life’s more complicated changes.

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