15 jobs that will be in high demand in 15 to 20 years

10 Reasons To Join NPS

National Pension System (NPS) was extended to all Indian citizens by the Government of India on 01st May 2009, to provide income in the old age and thus financial security. However, it did not become as popular as expected although of it’s good intentions, mainly because of the fact that the Service Providers selected by the Government was reluctant to popularize it and didn’t had the proper infrastructure too.

10% Mortgages Making a Comeback

Nobody much in government has been mentioning the ‘green shoots of recovery’ recently. This used to be a popular term, when recessions came and went quickly. However, this particular one seems to have been with us for a while. The housing market is usually a good indicator of signs of recovery, but the signs are confusing at the moment. While mortgage approval rates remain low and house sales weak, there is at least one sign that some confidence is returning amongst banks. The return of the 10% mortgage deal suggests that banks now have the confidence to offer mortgages that may be affordable to the first time buyer.

Certainty in an Uncertain World of Mortgages?

With uncertainty over interest rates and stagnation in the housing market first time buyers have been particularly badly hit by the recession. One of the first casualties in the mortgage market was the low deposit mortgage that many first time buyers had relied upon to get their foot on the property ladder. Santander, amongst other banks, is now beginning to offer deals that may help to inject much-needed life into the lowest level of the housing market – and the one on which all homeowners rely.

Supremacy: How To Get Money Fast For College Students

College is not always an easy experience for students. In fact, most of them do struggle to take care of their classes as well as stay on top of their tuition payments and any other expenses that might need to be covered every month. Those who are having a problem staying afloat should be able to find out how to get money fast using this excellent guide for college students or anyone in search of some extra and reliable income.

HSBC Report: “We Are Nowhere Near Rich Enough for Retirement”

HSBC’s latest pensions report should come as no surprise to most of us. To summarise the report is simply to repeat what we all know – most of us are not rich enough for retirement. The report has been produced by HSBC since 2005 – and more than 110,000 people surveyed globally since its inception.

Are the Government’s Key Worker Schemes Worthwhile for First Time Buyers?

The government’s HomeBuy scheme is designed to assist key workers to buy houses in areas that they may otherwise be only able to rent. The scheme’s priority is to protect essential services – particularly in cities where the cost of housing is beyond the reach of many workers. The scheme aims to make home ownership feasible for those working as teachers, nurses, or in the police or fire services.

Should You Pay a Fee If You Want Truly Impartial Mortgage Advice From a Broker?

Before deciding whether you should pay a fee to a financial advisor it helps to understand how the different types of advisors work. Firstly those who charge an upfront fee are not normally ‘tied’ to a mortgage company or bank. Tied advisors normally offer advice free – but take a commission when you sign up to a product.

Making Life a Little More Comfortable in Retirement

Even if you have planned carefully for retirement the prospect of leaving work can be daunting; the majority of people look forward to the freedom that retirement offers but many are concerned about falling into poverty during retirement. Those retiring in the next few years can look forward to a longer and healthier retirement than previous generations and for that reason alone getting your pensions decisions right is crucial.

Investments Require Time to Bloom

Imagine planting seeds in a garden? Would you disrupt the soil daily to determine if the flowers have begun to bud? Would you expect to pick the tomatoes or squash after a week? Investments require time to blossom produce positive results.

Practical Ways to Save Money for an Emergency

There are a lot of ways to save your hard earned money. Some would require sacrifice while others would require fore thoughts. Always spend less money than you earn.

Cash Management Strategies

Cash Management Strategy can be one of the most important parts of a retirement and financial plan. The Three Bucket Strategy works great for those who are trying to manage cash flow and at the same time keep some of their money invested in the markets. This strategy decreases the risk to the overall portfolio and allow for short term ups and downs in the markets to be handled without effecting short term goals.

Financial Planning For Special Needs Children

For parents who have a child with special needs, financial planning can be a daunting task. Not only do parents have to plan for themselves, but they are faced with the responsibility of planning for their child’s entire life. Here are some of the steps parents can proactively take to plan for a special needs child’s future.

Offshore Savings Account – Security and Privacy Aspects

Having a savings account offshore is unlike having savings accounts in normal banks. With an offshore savings account you can enjoy a host of benefits that you will definitely not find with the banks in your country or anywhere else.

Get an Online Checking Account

A checking account enables you to write cheques so that you can pay your bills as well as other goods and services you sign up with. But what if you don’t really have to write cheques anymore? You will be able to save time and paper.

Personal Finance Tips – How to Set Up a Financial Power of Attorney To Help Handle Your Affairs

If you have a good deal of money or assets it is probably a good idea that when you are planning your estate that you also consider setting up a financial power of attorney. What this is, is a document that will give another person the legal power or right to handle all of your financial affairs. To do this you don’t even have to go to court. You just need to be of sound mind when you set up this type of an arrangement.

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