14 Ways To Instantly Improve Communication Skills

Introductory Credit Card Offers Can Fool You

There are too many offers out there. Be smart. Do not get fooled by them.

Do You Need a Dozen Credit Cards?

Some people have many credit cards. But do they really need all of them?

Credit Card Spending Does Not Cause Enough Guilt

Spending currency notes is painful. But the same cannot be said about credit card expenditure.

Should You Rip Apart Your Credit Card?

A credit card is a convenient tool. But, it must be used responsibly.

The Basic Concept of Credit History

It is not tough to understand the idea of credit history. You just need to know the basic idea.

Balancing the Credit Card Balance Transfer

Balance transfers are enticing. But, they are too good to be true.

Best Financial Advice for Christians – Get Professional Help for Your Investment

For Christians it is important that they handle their finances and their investments in a responsible manner. Read on to learn about the best financial advice for Christians.

Personal Budgeting: Tracking Spending, the Golden Ticket to Financial Freedom

I’ve noticed that one of the biggest financial challenges that many of my clients face is keeping track of where their money goes. Here’s what often happens: They receive their paycheck and deposit it in the bank, and then a few weeks later it’s somehow mysteriously disappeared. For all they know, it’s been consumed by the black hole in the financial universe.

What Was Missed By the Ponzi Scheme Victims?

Had care been taken, there would be no cases related to the Ponzi scheme victims. However, there is no need to blame the clients for what happened in the Ponzi scheme. We all make mistakes and we have to learn from them to ensure that they do not strike again.

Bank Bailouts Pros and Cons

The bailout financial plan that was constituted by the US government in 2008 had more bank bailout cons than pros. From its onset, it received many negative views that predicted of its failure to work at easing the credit crunch that was fast plaguing the economy. However, the government still went ahead and gave out the funds to specific banks.

Money Is Important

Money is important. Money can make your life terrific if you use it correctly. Along with spending money, we must budget it, invest it, use it to keep ourselves and our families safe and comfortable, and to become self-reliant.

How to Understand and Eliminate Credit Card Debt

High credit card debt is a burden more Americans share daily. Since the turn of the century, average credit-card debt per household has more than doubled to $19,000. It is not just young couples who are starting a family and are first time home buyers, but the amount owed by people of retirement age that has nearly doubled over the past few years.

Online Banking With Wireless Internet Access

There are probably a few reasons you switched to online banking rather than getting all your bills in the mail. Maybe one of those reasons is because you want to help save the environment by decreasing the number of trees cut down each year for paper, but the other reason is a little more selfish. Chances are the other reason is because you want the ease of being able to manage your bank account online. Once you start managing your account online, you can make it even easier by getting online with wireless Internet.

Creative Family Saving

The family that saves together stays together. Working together to accomplish a common goal – and learning a little about frugality – will set your kids up for a lifetime of success.

What You Need to Know About Financial Planning

Financial planning has been evolving through the years. The save today and spend tomorrow mantra no longer satisfy all investors recently.

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