14 Things Confident People Don’t Do

Protecting Interest Earned on Certificates of Deposits

Certificates of deposits are often considered some of the safest investments available. With CD rates offering higher returns than a savings account, and the best rates competitive with treasury bonds, they are also a good way to ensure a return. But when Cd rates change, it is possible to lose these returns. This is why it is important to be smart about choosing the best CD rates and terms if you choose to invest in them.

How the Best CD Rates Can Become the Worst

If you are looking for a way to save your money for the future, there are few, if any, better choices to make than certificates of deposits (CDs). CDs are a great way for banks and investors to benefit from one another. The investor can place their money into a CD, where they will not have access to the money for a specific period of time.

A Personal Savings Account

It is estimated that 65% of Americans will open a personal savings account during their life time. This type of savings is extremely useful for successful money management. Many Americans run into trouble by spending all their money and failing to put any money aside. They may have just enough money to get by month to month, but have no money available to them if something were to go wrong.

Buy and Hold Is Dead

As we start 2011, the optimism in the investor community is widespread. The talk of double dip recession is forgotten. Virtually all financial advisors are recommending stocks are again, some hoping for double digit gains. Only 1% of advisors think stock market will fall more than 10% in 2011. The siren’s song is luring investors back into the market again. But is it a good time to invest? Should we put all our retirement into the stock market and hope for a repeat of 1980s and 1990s? There is no crystal ball that tells us the future. But we can note the warning signs.

Change Your Financial Mindset

Most people have money problems. (Some are just good at hiding the fact.) For example, recent studies show that two out of ten people are at serious risk of foreclosure, and one of five is currently behind on their mortgage payments.

Financial Peace of Mind – It’s Just A Journey!

Financial peace of mind is a wonderful thing, but how do you achieve it? Here is a method that you may not have considered.

Top Tips for Saving Money

Trying to save a bit of money is incredibly difficult during times like these, especially when so many are also facing crippling debt preventing them from even considering opening up a savings account to help provide for the future. Luckily, there are a few ways to help you to cut your spending and put that extra cash to better use. It might seem obvious (and by no means easy, either), but clearing outstanding debts is the best way to get started on saving money.

Self Improvement for Extended Unemployment

When we find ourselves in the state of extended unemployment we tend to be unproductive. We usually end up depressed and worn out because of the lack of productivity. This would usually lead us to spending more time lazing around on the bed or on the couch watching TV.

Tax Shelters for Middle Class Families

Tax shelters for middle class families can help reduce your family tax bill by thousands of dollars. They are perfectly legal and ethical, and the personal financial planning needed to fund them will encourage a higher level of family spending discipline.

7 Fatal Mistakes People Make With Money

The Cashflow 101 game is reflection of real life and reveals a lot about people’s beliefs, biases and attitudes towards money. After 4 years of facilitating Cashflow 101 games in the Think Rich Pinoy Wealth Seminars, I have seen hundreds of players make the same mistakes in the game and then later on admit that they make the same mistake in real life.

Tips To Getting Your Finances Back On Track After The Holidays

The holidays are now over and you suddenly realize that you’ve spent a lot more money than you could afford and panic is starting to set in. Your credit cards are a mess, your bills are piling up and your bank account balance is plunging, so what do you do?

Financial Survival: Your Top Priority

In an economic world full of chaos, disruption and deceit, your priority must be survival. Yes, the 21st century is full of surprises. Everything from unemployment to personal and government deficits to a mortgage and housing crisis, a credit crunch, business failures, stagnant wages, and limited career mobility has made financial progress more uncertain than in decades. How can you navigate these treacherous times and survive?

2011: Hope or Despair (Part 2)

Are some people immune to the recession? Not everyone is affected by the recession. Some people are lucky enough to be recession-proof. According to George Orwell, in his book “Animal Farm”: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

Coping With Change: The Tax and Financial Impact of Divorce on Your Fiscal Health

Divorce is emotionally traumatic on everyone involved especially if there are children. While it may seem mundane, dealing with the money and tax issues that arise from the unwinding of a life together is as important for both psychic and fiscal sanity. And it’s important for you to build a sound financial foundation for the next stage of your life’s journey.

A Few Steps Towards Cutting Down College Tuition Fees and Costs

It is hardly a secret that the costs associated with college tuition are inching upwards. Then again, inching may prove to be the incorrect term to use. Some might prefer to say educational costs are on the fast track upwards. Yes, college tuition fees are increasing and it is doubtful they will come down any time soon.

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