14 signs you are not ready to be rich

Solo 401(K) Saves Tax for Small Family Business

One must establish your Solo 401(k) plan by December 31, 2014, if you want to make a contribution for tax year 2014 and reduce taxable income. The contributions must be funded by your tax-filing deadline. If one files for the 6-month extension before the April 15, 2015 deadline to file one’s 2014 tax return, one would have until October, 15, 2015, to make the cash contribution.

How Social Security Strategies Affect Your Retirement

Helen had only $150,000 in her IRA and about $30,000 of cash in the bank. She understood that with only 4 percent annual inflation, what cost $25,000 today will cost $37,006 in 10 years when she is 80. She deposited $100,000 of her IRA in a private pension at age 70 and it will generate $10,256 of annual income, starting at age 77, for the rest of her life. The 10.256 percent of annual cash flow is guaranteed and her principal is not at risk in the stock market. This is substantially more than what her IRA was generating.

Multi-Generational IRA Multiplies Your Family Wealth!

The MGIRA multiplies income for future generations and provides a permanent “forget me not” legacy. If one adds the Roth IRA Conversion strategy, the future income will be tax-free for the life of the heirs. This MGIRA is protected from creditors in case of a lawsuit.

Why Consider a Roth IRA Conversion in 2014?

The federal government has shown no shame about bailing out special interest groups. Also, when the 80 million Baby Boomers born from 1946-64 retire (or have already done so), they will be collecting Social Security and Medicare benefits instead of paying income taxes. The federal government will want to ask for higher taxes instead of cutting spending. This is why one should seriously consider a Roth IRA conversion in 2014 and eliminate Uncle Sam from your family income taxes for the rest of your life, your kids’ lives, and even your grandkids’ lives.

Be Thankful During This Thanksgiving Holiday!

In America, we still have one of the highest standards of living in the world. What is considered living poor here would be heaven to millions in the Third World. Although a record 47 million Americans receive food stamp assistance, they have enough to eat. We have free education for all and more potential for upward mobility than in many other countries.

Warren Buffett and Others on the U.S. Government Shut Down and National Debt Ceiling

Families either have to live within their means, or keep borrowing until they have to declare bankruptcy. The scenario above covers the realistic options a typical family would have in order to balance its budget. Compared to the sacrifices of “The Greatest Generation”, who risked their lives in World War 2 and lived with food rationing stamps, these “sacrifices” would be minor. We should expect the federal government to balance the budget, just like we have to.

Customer Service Can Make or Break a Business

A greatly under-estimated part of the success or failure of any business depends on how knowledgeable and motivated the employees are. Great customer service makes you stand out; the public enjoys the experience; they buy more and come back. Or, if it’s a library, they come more often and vote for your next bond issue request. Customer service studies find that if someone is happy, they may tell 3 friends; but if really unhappy, they tell 27 others. Unhappy customers can’t wait to tell others about bad service.

Save Money With Parajumpers Sale

Parajumpers are high-tech practical outerwear jackets that borrow their design from jackets worn by military corps in the US. The Military corps is trained in rescue operations in the most extreme conditions and has the word “Parajumpers” as their nickname. The typical jacket is made from durable, heavy-duty nylon with removable down filled lining and a hood that is fur trimmed to go with the tough settings. It also comes with hooks based on the design of parachute clips and different other military details. Most have multiple pockets to make it possible for the wearer to carry several personal items on the go.

5 Ways to Invest for Maximum Returns and Minimum Risk

Just follow these 5 mantras to investing. You will be able to not only maximize your returns but also minimize your risks.

The True Meaning of Wealth

In this article I discuss how financial life planning can help to bring about personal growth and development through a reduction in exposure to property and an increase in the travel budget and introduce the concept of true wealth being measured in terms of personal ability, spirituality and integrity. These ideas can lead to an enhanced, more spiritual life where you can live with integrity and achieve things you may not have otherwise been able to do.

Managing Money Challenges With Your Spouse

You may hope that life will be happy ever after with your spouse, but sometimes the financial road can get rocky. Learn some of the strategies that can help you to overcome money problems with your spouse.

Another Buy-Hold Myth: You Don’t Want to Miss the Rebound

My top recommendation for over-fifty investors? Steer clear of the buy-hold philosophy: Have an exit strategy. Buy-holders are critical of defensive strategies.

Help for Military Personnel Confused About Special Tax Rules and Exclusions

Military personnel who want to pay less tax need to understand IRS and state tax laws and exemptions as they apply to military pay. Some allow certain types of income and allowances to be excluded from income tax; others help to make it easier to avoid tax penalties and increase the size of your refund. Let’s take a look at the military exclusions available.

Memory-Keeping on a Budget: My 5 Best Tips

There are two things we all need to bear in mind when it comes to our personal memory-keeping – time and money. It’s important to keep the time commitment in mind but it’s also important to keep the budgeting part in mind so that you don’t get derailed and become demotivated. Here are my 5 tips for realistic memory-keeping on a budget. 1. Consider all your options before you start We waste a lot of money (and time) when we don’t properly think through things. Some things you might want to consider are… – what is your style? – what is your budget? (your actual budget, not your idealistic budget) We all know this kind-of thing is a luxury so give yourself the permission to acknowledge that. – what do you NOT want to do? I love the look of photobooks and so I bought some vouchers from 3 separate companies about 3 years ago. Well, I can now tell you I will never make a photobook again. I will happily pay for someone else with a clean, visual style to do it for me but for me to personally do it, no thanks.

Find a LUMP SUM of Money With Social Security!

Want to get a LUMP SUM of money from Social Security? Check out this often OVERLOOKED, hidden Social Security tip!

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