13 Hacks To Save Money Fast

2011: Traditional Personal Finance Revisited

“We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto” Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz; which pretty much sums up my view of life in America, 2011. So what to do? The “new normal” means we each have an opportunity to start from where we are to create successful future outcomes from this moment on.

Tips About Sending Money Overseas Before Traveling

Anyone planning a trip to China or any other Asian country has many things to consider. It is not all fun and games for enjoying the journey and creating an activity itinerary. You will need money while in any foreign country and you could need emergency money.

Retire and Enjoy By Planning Right on Time

Retirement brings leisure time and ease to take up your favorite personal habits which you can only do when you have made adequate planning for your future. By assuring the safety of future, you can retire and enjoy. It is said to be the second phase of life with a new face.

Shopping Smart: 3 Tricks Marketers Use on You to Make More Money

Shopping is all about money management. To me, it’s the true test of wallet security. To pass the test you need to have a strong determination, and overtime, built an immunity to convincing sales pitches.

How To Prosper During A Recession

Most people discover how to prosper during a recession. However, there is more to it than simply tightening the belt. Everyone should take a few important steps in order to overcome the difficulties that may lie ahead.

Fighting Fraud, Watching Your Credit, and Great Homes

First, thank you to everyone that has enjoyed the series of posts featuring various bank and credit union CD rates. Second, I thought I would take a little respite and focus on a few other topics. One may save you a lot of money and hassle, another may alleviate some fears with opening online savings accounts or certificates of deposit, and a third may land you a nice home.

Retire for Life – Common Mistakes and Guidelines While Selecting a Retirement Plan

People when approach towards the rest half of their life span, start taking pension plans, and retirements schemes. This is done to ensure their well being during their non earning period of life. Smart people plan their course of action well in advance to avoid any risks in the future and retire for life.

How To Secure Your Wine Investment?

There are many people who opt for a wine investment. It is the most secure and profitable form of investment, as no matter what, wine always goes up in price. This is of course if you have protected it and stored it properly. Investing in wine is rather easy once you get started. Of course, you have to do the proper research to know exactly what wine to invest in and what will bring you the most profits.

Catch Up on the Lost Time During an Extended Unemployment

There are a lot of things that will come across your mind when you experience an extended unemployment. At first, you will be sad because most of us are defined by the jobs that we take. If we lose them, a big chunk of our identity will also be void. However, as time passes by, we will learn to approach life more positively. Here are some benefits of catching up on lost time during an extended unemployment:

Wealth Management Group 101

Finding a group or company that can manage your wealth is one of the smartest things you can do. Not only for your money and future but, also for you family and your legacy.

Grants For Women – There Are Government Grants That Are Allocated Just For Women Available To You

Are you a woman in need of a grant? Good news, there are many grants available to you for various purposes and you’re already a step closer to receiving one if you meet the main criteria. Yes, being a woman can be very beneficial to you right now.

So You Want to Be a Financial Planner?

Looking at a possible career as a financial planner? It’s a fairly low stress, high-paying job that is perfect for someone with both people and number skills.

Perkstreet Free Online Checking Review

Perkstreet Financial offers up a free online checking account and a debit card that offers up generous cash back rewards. Take a look at the benefits of their online checking. You may find yourself wanting to switch from your traditional brick and mortar bank to Perkstreet online checking.

Grocery Store Sales: How They Can Be a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

We all love sales. We love being able to spend less money on things we want. But here’s how a sale on an item can actually get you to spend more money.

Simple Personal Finance Management Tips

Personal finance management is essential in today’s life. It is an effective way to help you save your money. By following some simple steps, managing your finances will become easier, and help you to pay off your debts, save on your taxes and also plan for your retirement.

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