12 Things poor people don’t know about money

Use Online Money Transfers Service To Send Money

In the hope to earn a little extra money so that they can give their family a comfortable and happy life in India, many Indians have gone abroad searching for work. Earlier, attempting to transfer money from anywhere in the world to India was a fairly tedious process. There were lines that needed to be stood in, and cheques that were to be signed. However, in our advanced technological world, today we can simply transfer money over the internet. However, doing anything over the internet could obviously be prey to hack-words and passwords stealer, but several systems have been put in place to ensure that you can complete a very safe online money transfer. Most banks today have put up systems such as encrypted passwords and several varying security questions, so that we can wire money online without worrying about the money being stolen. If, however, the money was stolen, financial institutions are now able to track the illegal activities of cyber fraud and phishing.

Personal Banking For Your Routine Financial Need

Today, money is a fairly important commodity and really is making the world go round. Everybody is always talking about the price of cars, or petrol or vegetables, but the price is always important. On the other hand, more and more people are going to work, young college students, young women, almost everybody has a job and is earning their own money. Now, we know that money is important but where should put all this money? While some people may not trust any institution and may want to hide their money under their mattress, it is safest to keep all the money in a bank.

Your Home Is Not an Investment – Really!

Some enterprising real estate salesman decided to adopt the line that a “house is an investment”. A house can be an investment – that is, if you buy it to rent out; or to renovate and sell; or to flip the property. But a house that you buy to live in is mainly a household expense item – no different than the decision to buy a car, or a new suit, or groceries! It is also the most expensive item in your budget so before you make a decision on buying a home, you need to look carefully at the numbers.

Dos and Don’ts When Dealing With a Family Member’s Long-Term Care Insurance

It is any person’s dream to live his retirement years in comfort and peace. But with the economic crisis we’re facing right now, purchasing long-term care insurance seems to be a bit of a challenge. To help you deal with this task, here are a few doable tips that may prove to be valuable.

What Is CAAMP?

The Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP) is Canada’s national mortgage industry association. Founded in 1994, CAAMP is the largest network of mortgage professionals in Canada, with members from every sector of the industry. CAAMP is the mortgage industry’s voice, representing the industry with the government, the media, and regulators.

Pension Plan Vs Risky Retirement: Who Wins?

This article helps the everyday individual understand what exactly is a pension plan and why you should start developing a safe pension mindset for retirement. I want to cut through the boring technical terms that put people to sleep and allow you to fully comprehend financial topics in the fastest way possible. Understand that risk has taken over the financial industry and has attributed to retirement turmoil throughout this country, get back on the right track. Learn how!

Financial Scandals Never Seem To End

There is now much being written about financial scandals in the UK and how easy it is to claim compensation. As much as you might think you were given poor advice about your mortgage and deserve compensation, claims have to be based upon fact, not emotion. Check out a few pointers before taking the compensation route.

Selling Gold From Family Estate Inheritance

Taking into account that the economy is still in a sensitive place and that the price for silver, gold and estate jewelry is continuously rising, selling your jewelry might be a very good idea. There are some pawn shops or jewelry stores that permit you to lend against the value of the jewelry. Some consider this to be a good alternative to bank loans.

Selling Your Gold For Cash – What To Expect

Lots of the people that own some gold are waiting to see how its price will vary in the close future. Most of them wait for the right time to sell. A sell which is expected to come with a pretty good profit!

Will You Chose Love Over Money: Dating a Person With Bad Credit

Credit scores have become so popular and important in today’s world that there is even a rise in a new phenomenon called credit dating. Some dating websites now allow members to view credit scores of potential dates. With so much stress on the importance of good credit and solid financial planning, love can sometimes be overshadowed by money matters.

What You Should Know About Financial Services Courses

Finance is a study on how an investor manages an asset over a period of time without having any guarantee on the growth if their money. This is the kind of risk that an investor is willing to take because the value of money changes over time. This is one of the basics about finance that you must know.

How to Live Financially Free

The fundamental focus areas for most people to live financially free are costs and income. But, to be more specific, two types of costs and income…

Choose the Right Bank Account: Building Passive Wealth Faster

High yield savings accounts can put your hard-earned money to work and bring you a respectable passive income. Read on to find out what advantages online bank accounts have to offer.

Personal Finance And The Three Biggest Mistakes – How To Deal With Them And Prosper

Three Biggest Mistakes Of Personal Finance – These are the three biggest mistakes that as a Financial Healer I see time and time again. I list the three biggest mistakes and what to do instead.

Tips to Reduce Your Debts and Manage Your Finances for Peaceful Life

We are actually experts in accumulating debts of various types. We borrow to build a house, purchase a car, pay medical bills and educational expenses of children, and pay utility bills every month.

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