12 Things people waste money on

Big Bank In Talks To Settle Lending Practices Suit

Last year Attorney Generals in every state began investigating banks for nefarious loan modification and foreclosure practices. Chief amongst them, claim plaintiffs, was the falsification of documents by lenders that put plaintiffs’ homes in foreclosure or expedited the process.

Save Cash Without Changing Your Life

Here are some simple ways to save cash. And, they will not alter your lifestyle.

Gloomy Economic Forecast Driving Historically Low Mortgage Interest Rates

While many are losing their homes to foreclosure, there has never been a time to buy or refinance a home like now. According to Fannie Mae, 15 year mortgage rates are the lowest in history, at 3.59%. The Federal Reserve announced last week that it would keep the Prime Interest Rate at 3.5 percent until 2013. However, spooked investors are moving to bonds and mortgage-backed securities as safe havens for their cash, which is also driving down the interest rate.

5 Ways to Protect Your Capital in a Divorce

Marriage is one thing, but the divorce rate for happily married couples is quite high right now. No matter what happens, your capital and credit are both at risk when you and your spouse split up. Everyone gets married and thinks Life will be grand and they will live happily ever after, no one ever gets married with the intention of getting divorced.

Personal Finance: Why Don’t I Have Any Money?

I remember when I was in grade eight and my father was scared to resign from his job because he didn’t want to lose the three hundred dollar a month income that he was paid. But then you have to consider that our house had only cost six thousand dollars. We were never really what I thought was “poor” but we really didn’t have any extra money.

The Debt Ceiling, the Final Nail in the Coffin

In the middle of July, U.S. economy was hanging on a knifes edge. The culmination of many events since 2008 finally caught up with the U.S. government and the economy also.

Financial Aid 101

Oh, you don’t know about financial aid yet, do you? Well here is the breakdown of what financial aid is, what kinds of aid are offered to people, and which options are preferable.

Cash Savings Made Simple And Easy

Simple ways to save money. Money that can be saved, invested, and spent.

So You Want Cash To Grow On Trees?

There are very simple and effective ways to invest your money. In other words, grow your money on investment trees.

Top Five Wealth Management Mistakes Made By Expats

Moving to a new part of the world can be very exciting, but if you don’t do your research well, you could end up making big mistakes that can cost you a lot of money. Financial advisors see many expats falling into bad financial situations due to a lack of preparation. If you’re aware of the main mistakes expats can face, it might help you to avoid them.

5 Financial Planning Mistakes

Most of us invest without any planning. When we see that the fixed deposit rates are higher we invest in fixed deposits.

Get Started on Setting Up an Emergency Fund

Learn how to start your own emergency fund and increase your financial power. Don’t rely on credit cards when unplanned expenses hit you.

What Is Depreciation And How Is It Calculated?

Depreciation plays a significant role in our finances. We cover some basics on what is depreciation and how it’s calculated.

Learn From the Last Recession and Make Money

Learning from what happened back in 2008 is a very smart thing to do right now, as the U.S. economy is slowly failing. There are many lessons in critical elements to what happened back in 2008 that can educate you on what to do in the coming months as the U.S. economy falters.

5 Ways Criminals Now Steal Your Credit Card Data and Information

With the Internet and new forms of technology, purse snatching is old fashioned. The new criminal is more technologically advanced and thieves nowadays only need a minute or two to steal your credit card or bank information. Credit card fraud costs members of the public millions of dollars each year.

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