12 principles to get rich with a business – How to get rich with a business

Finding The Right Type of Bank for Your Needs

Today the current economic depression has consumers exploring other choices to traditional banking. For years bank customers walked or drove to their local bank, made deposits and withdrawals, cashed checks, used the ATM, negotiated loans, and talked to the branch manager. Interestingly these same consumers are now seriously considering using both types of banking.

Thinking About a Prenuptial Agreement? Better Know What You Want and Don’t Want

Have you heard the news? Katie Perry and Russell Brand, after only 14 months of marriage are getting divorced! Seriously, if you are just hearing about this, you need to get out more. Shockingly, they didn’t have a prenuptial agreement, which is considered a staple of celebrity marriages. Considering the fact that Katy Perry is, at the moment, more successful and wealthier than Russell, she had a lot to lose by not having a prenup to protect her assets.

It’s Never Too Late to Speak With a Financial Advisor

It can be a bit tricky to take on the world of financial planning alone. There are many traps and pitfalls to trip you up, so don’t venture in without support; speak to a financial advisor to ensure you get the very best advice.

Know How Fear and Greed Impacts Your Investing Decisions

Much has been written on fear and greed in the market, which are the two great human emotions responsible in destructing capital in investing. Fear and greed can be explained in simple words – fear is the emotion which comes from lack of confidence and greed is the emotion which comes from over-confidence.

What Do the Changes to Company Pension Law Mean for Employees?

The coming changes to company pension law mean that businesses will be soon be forced to auto-enrol all job-holders in a company pension scheme, or a suitable alternative pension saving option such as the low cost government run NEST pension scheme. Companies will also ultimately be obliged to offer contributions equivalent to 3% of any eligible job-holder’s pensionable earnings, but how will the changes affect workers? What will changes to company pension law mean for you?

Bernanke Plays a Little Slap and Tickle – Ben Warns Even As Things Look Better

Just when things start to look up, Ben Bernanke gives us a little slap of reality, warning that things don’t look so rosy down the pike and a little tickle in the form of a probable QE3 to soothe our souls. The markets have responded to the impressive string of better than expected economic news over the last few months. It’s hard to believe that all that many could think that it was truly the end of the great recession, (I know it officially ended long ago but it doesn’t feel like it!) but it gave hope that perhaps at the very least a firm recovery was underway.

How to Budget For Future Investments

Most people hope to look forward to a long and active retirement – a time to do all the things they always meant to do but didn’t have time. They would like to travel and spoil the grandchildren, among other things. Obviously, doing these things cost money – a lot more money than the State Pension can provide.

Choosing The Right Time To Refinance

With all the recent talk of loan modification and refinancing program improvements, many homeowners begin to wonder which option is best. While refinancing a mortgage is a great way to lower payments and free up some money, it isn’t for everyone. More specifically, there are good and bad times for refinancing.

What Is the Best Method of Payment? Cash Vs Plastic

Cash? Credit? Debit?… There are so many different ways to pay, some methods may work better in certain situations than others, and others may end up costing you more in the long run. Check out this article which lists the pros and cons of each method of payment, as well as example scenarios of when it would be the ideal payment method.

Cash In Pension – Ways To Raise Money In A Hurry

Is cashing in a pension early a good idea? In the UK you can release up to 25% of a personal or private pension before reaching retirement. This article looks into how this is achieved and what consequences there are.

Double Coupon Savings

Saving money is something everybody wants to do as there never seems to be enough of it. Many people are left struggling paycheck to paycheck, trying to make ends meet while still buying the things they need. So using every little trick you can to save money is important. One such trick is Double Coupon Savings. Using coupons to cut your grocery bill in half can make a world of difference when it comes to your finances.

Planning Your Personal Finances

When planning your personal finances it is essential to be organised and realistic. You may just wish to balance your monthly or annual budget, but most families have some longer term objectives. These can include a new house, health care, retirement plan or the children’s education costs.

How to Save Money on Textbooks in College

College textbooks are a college student’s most significant expense, aside from tuition and room and board. Here’s how to get them at cheap prices…

Income Tax Exemptions for Women in India: What You Need To Know

Women in India have climbed up the earnings ladder drastically in the past decade. While doing tax planning and taking investment decisions women should consider three factors – age, income and what financial goals they have set independently as well as from a family perspective.

Home Accountz 2012 Money Management Software Review

Managing your personal finance and understanding how your income matches up to your expenses can be tricky to do. To help it can be well worth while to use money management software. For a long time Microsoft Money was a favourite but as that is no longer available or supported it’s been a struggle for some to find a good solution. I think I may have the answer in Home Accountz 2012 – here’s my review to explain why.

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