12 Money Goals You Must Achieve Before 40

Best About Ways To Transfer Money Abroad

Money is moving all day, everyday all over the world. It might be physical dollars and cents, credit card transactions or electronic money transfer. Many transfer money abroad either once in a lifetime or regularly.

Get Rid Of The Hassles When Sending Money Online

Imagine you have traveled to a different country on vacation. You had a great vacation and it is time to return home. The weather has delayed your returning flight and for a day or two the airline has taken care of your accommodations, but your money is running out and you have no credit cards.

Financial Education 101 – For Sovereign Wealth and Emergency Financial Preparedness

It is apparent. As a culture and a society we have not been very well financially educated. At times it is important to cut through all the confusion and get down to the basics of financial knowledge and financial security to help lead us into sovereign wealth.

Make Online Money Transfer An Easy Job

Online money transfer is being used more and more every day. People are sending money to friends and family visiting other countries. They are sending money to family and friends that still live in another country.

Have You Been Looking At Tips On How to Send Money Online?

The Internet has opened the door for many services. It has lead to another way for people to transfer money. How to send money online has evolved as a major service provided by banks.

Learning More About Ways To Send Money Online

It is becoming a part of life to send money online. The internet has led to this increasing way of life. Most everyone is doing this today.

3 Ways to Find an Interest Bearing Checking Account

If you want to know how to find the right interest bearing checking account, read this article. You will know essential things about checking accounts.

An Ill Wind For British Banks Could Mean A Windfall For The Consumer

With the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) having a win under its belt in the High Court, how will the Financial Regulator stand up to the British Banking Association? The PPI Judicial Review is just around the corner.

Helpful Personal Finance Tips

In every aspect of life, individuals need some sort of help in organization. We need help in organizing our closets, our work schedules, our play schedules – even our children’s hectic programs. That’s especially true when it comes to personal finances.

A Look Towards 2011 on the Financial Path!

2011 Looks to be a very interesting year. With all the turmoil in Washington and Wall Street, what can we look forward to? Let this SBG Cast explore that with you!

Three Tips and One TRUTH for Retirement Planning In 2011

Here are just three of the many “tips” for retirement planning in 2011. Of course, there are many more, but they all pretty much center around these three in one way or another. After you go through the tips, we’ll get to the truth.

Five Tips for Buying a 529 College Savings Plan

If you have a college savings plan and are not sure how to move it on the right track, there is help. Here are 5 tips for buying a plan and what to look for.

Top 10 Common Mistakes Home Sellers Make

If you’ve been trying to sell your home lately, you are probably aware of how tough the market is. Here are 10 common mistakes home sellers make that you should avoid.

Top Five Mistakes 401k Investors Make Often

If you have a 401k, the last few years have probably been sobering. Here are 5 common mistakes 401k investors make that you should avoid.

The Importance of Personal Finance

There are very few people who will say that shared ownership mortgages – or any types of mortgages, for that matter – are among their primary interests. The average American today doesn’t like financial topics very much. There’s a reason for this: as you might know, financial topics tend to be boring. By that I mean they are dry and there are no easy ways to learn them, as for example with food. Many people are interested in food because it is much easier to understand. There are things like the food pyramid or other categorizations of food that make it easier for us to understand what it’s all about. In addition to that, financial topics aren’t taught in schools. Many financial experts argue that this should be the case because many people have trouble with their money. If you don’t believe, look up the statistics on national credit card debt.

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