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Dealing With Financial Emergencies

Financial management is crucial to your future. Making it through difficult times and preparing for possible difficult financial times in your future is a necessary step in financial planning and personal finance. There are many things you can do to prepare and minimize the impact of financial hardships. Read on to find out. Having a plan before a financial crisis occurs will greatly reduce stress.

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You Are the Source Of Your Finances

During the past several decades there has been a tremendous expansion of the “lottery mentality.” Governments have promoted this way of thinking in order to expand their revenue base as most states now have a lottery. More and more people are staking their future prosperity on buying the winning ticket or getting rich with a lucky strike in the casinos.

Homeowners Struggle To Find Mortgage Relief

It is becoming more common to see a home in foreclosure on your local street or know someone who is facing the threat of foreclosure. In fact, more people are finding themselves confronted with tough decisions about their mortgage resulting from economic conditions. As more and more homeowners face the decision to keep trying or walk away from their mortgage, many are finding it tough to find any relief from their mortgage debts.

Today’s Bad Economic Times

Are you and your spouse fighting over money matters? Is there not enough money to go around? Are the bills coming in faster than money going out?

A Budget Is Essential If You Want To Get Out Of Debt For Good

Budgeting is essential if you are serious about becoming debt free. But what are they, how do you make one and how do they help?

Money! It Makes The World Go Round

Money is one of those things that makes most of us crazy! You either have lots of it or none of it. It’s seems that we give this commodity a lot more power than we should, to the point that it actually controls our lives and base our beliefs and values systems on it.

What Marriage Means for Your Credit

Managing your own credit is tough enough, but when you add a spouse to the mix things could get complicated. Even couples with similar financial views can have problems combining their finances, but how marriage impacts your credit is up to you.

Make Expense Tracking Simple and Fast

After the bank has paid out everything that is on automatic debit and the monthly shopping has been done, then you find yourself with little money to spend on even simple luxuries. Everyone has experienced money troubles at some point, but if you find yourself constantly over-spending then you need to tracking your spending more carefully.

The Rich Mentality: A Life With Purpose and Meaning

It seems to be a popular idea that if you are rich, you can just sit around on the beach sipping a drink doing nothing all day long. Many “get rich quick” schemes offer that visual in order to entice people to join their company so that they, too, can live the lifestyle of the rich and famous and never have to work anymore. This is NOT the mentality that will bring lasting wealth. In order to be truly rich, you have to have a life that is worthwhile, a life with meaning and purpose.

Types Of Share Dividends

Share dividends are an important element to the ownership of shares and they also have a significant impact on tax liability in most countries so that anyone with shares must understand the full implications of receiving share dividends. This article explains the different types of share dividends and also serves as an introduction to their role with in the stocks and shares market generally.

How to Teach a Child to Respect Money

Overspending is a major issue in today’s society. Because of this, people are riddled with loads of debt unable to keep their heads above water. Unfortunately children learn by watching what their parents do. As a result they are learning poor habits that will continue this trend. Fortunately though, there are things that parents can do to make sure that they do not instill the bad habit of overspending in their children. Teaching children to respect money is the first step in this process.

Some Practical Advice on How to Tip

Knowing who to tip can be downright confusing. Add in the question of how much you should tip and it gets even worse. You can give a big tip so you don’t come across as cheap, but then you’ll be obligated to repeat this each time. Or, you can give a small tip and risk insulting the recipient. There are many different tipping etiquettes out there and the same rules do not apply to everyone equally. Here are some practical suggestions on how you may want to tip.

4 Common (and Expensive) Mistakes People Make With Their Finances

Many people make mistakes with their finances. Some of them are because we don’t know any better but many happen because we aren’t paying attention. Below are 4 common mistakes and what you should do instead.

Resolving Tax Debts Without A Fight

Contrary to popular belief, dealing with the IRS is not impossible. Although owing the IRS money can be stressful, it does not mean that you will end up in a battle. While the IRS does maintain the right to garnish wages or bank account funds to collect on a debt, most taxpayers find that they never have to experience such actions by following a few simple rules.

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