11 Tips to Help You Get a Job Immediately After College

Consumer Protection – The Regulatory Challenge

What can we learn from the financial crisis that is gripping us all? Former US Treasury secretary Paulson and his successor Geithner underwent questioning and had enlightening statements. Whether you are an independent business owner or concerned about your personal finances, you have much at stake when it comes to your financial future.

The History of Strategic Default and Expectations of Housing Market Growth

Strategic default has entered our lexicon in the last few years, however this phenomena isn’t anything new. Housing market corrections of the past are interesting studies when setting future growth expectations of the current market.

Banks and Short Term Savings Options

Information on where to hold short term savings. A look at savings options that includes certificates of deposit, savings accounts, money market accounts and Treasury securities.

Is Personal Finance Easy?

Is personal finance easy? Probably if you’re born with a packet or if you are at the top end of the banking chain, otherwise you may be amongst the rest of us financial cannon fodder.

Debt Consolidation Advice – 5 Ways to Protect Your Financial Future

Track What You Spend. Many of us are completely unaware of what we spend each day and on what. Those Starbucks coffee runs add up and it could mean a financial hit down the road.

The Reasons You Must Get An Internet Checking Account Immediately

The internet has grown a long way beyond many of our expectations. Although it offers many good things there are other subjects which seem to have got quite confusing. The internet checking account is a good example of something we should use but most of us don’t know why.

The Top 5 Tips in Saving When Going to the Shops

Save money while you shop. Learn 5 top secrets.

Benefits of NSE Tips

NSE Tips, advices and recommendations have always been useful for beginners as well as experienced investors. NSE is an abbreviation of National Stock Exchange, one of the prime stock exchanges in India, another being the Bombay Stock Exchange, or BSE. The index used by NSE is called Nifty.

Guide Towards Attaining Financial Freedom

Personal finance management is a discipline which most people lack and yet it is a number one requirement to financial independence. The state of being financially independent is a step towards financial freedom! This is the time when you have enough money to cater for all your needs and some extra to help a friend, neighbour or a relative. To reach the state of financial freedom, you must grasp the most important fundamentals of managing your personal finances. It is only after this that you will start your steady journey towards financial freedom. You may not require to have formal training to attain financial freedom, but rather through basic personal decisions and commitment, you can be financially independent and start living your life as you desire without any financial challenges and your life will have a very happy living.

Financial Planning for Beginners – 3 Steps to Financial Success

If you dream of becoming rich and successful in this lifetime, you need to be able to map out your finances carefully. Contrary to popular belief, financial planning is not about how much money you make, or the kind of job you hold, financial planning is all about setting financial goals and devising strategies that can bring you closer to those goals. Do you want to know how you can get started on building your net worth? Then here are a few tips to ensure your success.

Internet Checking Account – An Effective And Easy Solution To Manage Your Money

Organising your money used to be simple; you had a bank account which provided you a check book and an overdraft at a cost. Therefore where does the online checking account fit into all this?

What Is Self Managed Super Funds?

There are numerous reasons as to why people may decide to establish a self managed super fund. These reasons basically include you have complete control and flexibility when it comes to aspects such as investment decisions, it also allows you easy estate planning and works out to be highly cost effective. There are a few things that you should however keep in mind when it comes to this, which includes the fact establishing one and of course operating one can be a major financial decision.

Marks And Spencer Everyday Saving Account

Marks and Spencer is among the top financial services providers in the UK.  It offers all types of financial services in the UK. If you are looking for best financial services then you have to go for the M&S Money.

Increasing Your Financial IQ Doesn’t Need to Be Difficult

Are you scared just thinking of your finances? How well do you understand personal finance? While it may seem easier to face monsters in your closet, building your knowledge — or your Financial IQ — is not as terrifying or challenging as you might expect.

What Are Some Good Checking Account Offers?

Checking account offers are promotions given by any banking company as incentives when someone or a business company signs up a new account with them. This is done through many methods but the most popular of these are monetary incentives and gift giveaways.

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