11 Simple Ways To Feel Happier Everyday

How To Avoid Overdraft (NSF) Fees

This article is about the fact that there is a simple way to avoid overdraft fees on your checking account. Once you understand what a checking account is, and how it works, you can easily avoid overdraft fees permanently.

New Rules For Debit Cards

On August 15, 2010, consumers thought that they won a major battle with the banks. The Federal Reserve implemented new rules for all debit card transactions. Those nasty NSF (overdraft) fees of up to $38 per overdraft transaction on debit card transactions were done away with. But that isn’t the end of the story.

Procedure To Order Cheap Checks Online

Are you aware of the fact that you can customize the design and pattern on personal and business checks? If you have a business of selling school and college bags, you can add a photo of a bag or two on the checks so that people can come to know about your business. Not only this, you can add a picture of your favorite soccer or basketball team logo on the checks.

Do You Need to Get Ready for the Recession?

For people still experiencing money trouble as a result of the GFC, there’s no scarier word than ‘recession.’ While it’s impossible to be certain what the future holds, warning signs from the global markets suggest Aussies should be prepared.

Taking Precautions With Debit Cards

There are precautions that need to be taken in using a debit card. A debit card is a convenient way to buy products and services, but a debit card is also a doorway to your checking account which must be guarded to keep criminals from stealing the card number.

What Are the Symptoms of Financialitis?

The symptoms of financialitis are clearly defined and assist the reader in determining if they have financialitis. A comparison is made between the symptoms of stress response and financialitis. A 5 step outline is provided to assist in reducing or eliminating the distressful symptoms.

Using This One Simple Thing Can Save You Hundreds A Month

The worldwide recession that has been going on for the past few years has hit everybody hard, where it really hurts: in the wallet. Here’s the one golden item that can help you beat it.

Steps to Take If Your Spouse Is Unemployed

Both spouses need to be on the same page when experiencing this type of financial event. It starts with discussing a new plan & following these financial steps.

If Money Was Not a Worry, Where Would You Live?

Daydreams can really have a way of soothing our stressful days, as it not only allows us to escape reality for a few minutes, but it also gives us a little hope. Here is a daydream for you: If money was not a worry, where would you live? What is great about this daydream is that it can really get you thinking.

Should You Buy It With Your Credit Card?

When you want to purchase something, but do not have enough cash, it is easy to pull our your credit card to complete the transaction. This article explores the thought process you should go through before using that convenient piece of plastic.

Paying Too Much Attention Can Cost You

Trying to save money but having a difficult time? It could be you are focusing on the wrong things.

Tricks To Help Consumers Curb Spending

With all of the possibilities for spending more than you earn within a seemingly endless variety of shopping destinations famed the world over, residents of Orange County have a particularly hard time managing to seriously follow credit card debt relief plans, but, given economic conditions of late, the need for cutting out unnecessary expenses and sticking to a budget has never been greater. Although surveys of Southern Californians by state government bureaus anxious to reduce the unsecured financial obligations collected by homeowners have uniformly proven that local consumers understand the dangers posed by credit card debt loads, account balances continue…

What Paying Yourself First Means

One of the oldest and the most important rule of personal finance is “Pay yourself first”. Every book on personal finance says the same. All the blogs on personal finance I have read, says the same. Even our parents and grandparents made wealth by using the same principle.

Live and Spend Without Guilt

Let’s address the struggle with guilt (both to spend and not spend) because it comes up so often in conjunction with the subject of money. I think there are several powerful forces at the root of this very negative and counterproductive emotion. If we want to get a handle on it, we’re going to have to look it straight in the eye and call it out.

How to Hide Your Money Offshore

‘How to hide money offshore’ is not something many bankers or offshore writers would dare to choose as a topic these days. ‘Financial Privacy is Dead’ would certainly be a more politically-correct topic. I sometimes push the limits, but I don’t have a death wish either… so let me make clear right now that this article is not about how to evade taxes or do anything else illegal. It is about the best ways to achieve financial privacy in 2011, assuming you are fully compliant with all applicable tax and reporting requirements, but you still want to keep your affairs private for asset protection or catastrophe-planning purposes.

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