11 Lies you’ve been told about success

Financial Freedom – The Final Frontier

The financial realm is where the final battle for our freedom needs to occur. The political and legal guarantee of rights that we enjoy form the bedrock of our freedom, but unless we have the means to exercise those freedoms, they are rendered impotent.

Wealth Creation: A Personal Financial Plan

Creating your own personal wealth, from whatever means of income you enjoy, requires knowing where you’re going, and accounting for your own personal finances. This means knowing what you are worth then developing a financial plan.

Personal Financial Security: A Three-Legged Stool

Have you ever sat on a three-legged stool? It’s amazing how stable it is! It doesn’t rock or shudder, but always remains firmly planted on all three legs. And so it is with personal financial security. When all three legs are properly installed and consistently maintained, your futures continue to remain bright and hopeful.

Why Should I Invest?

Why should you invest? Find the answers here!

Why It Is Good To Open A Swiss Bank Account

What if one day the American bank where I deposited all my money goes down and the insurance doesn’t pay? Well, maybe that is a little too difficult to happen. But-

How to Retire a Millionaire

Once upon a time, a millionaire was a rare thing indeed. But that’s not the case anymore. Of course, money has depreciated over time thanks to inflation, so that a million dollars now does not have the same buying power that it did in the past. But that’s not the only reason that more and more people are able to claim that they are millionaires.

Do You Work for Money or Send Money to Work for You

Unless you were lucky enough to be born into a family that has a large amount of money, then chances are you will have to work for money at some point in your life. You will earn a salary or hourly wage and you will use that money to pay your way in the world. But eventually, you will want to stop working and enjoy a retirement age.

Building Wealth in Modern Society

Smart Wealth Builders offer informative information concerning wealth building in our current society with its exceptional techniques and strategies. Building wealth consists of possessing the necessary knowledge and staying current with money making strategies. Utilizing and proper implementing the correct strategies and techniques will assist many in their quest to obtain mega wealth.

Debt Reduction: The Weed-Out Course on the Road to Financial Freedom

A few weeks ago I posted an article on my website on debt reduction that generated an interesting conversation ……. Ramsey’s approach may help some people get out of debt, but personally I am more interested in financial freedom. That requires taking the most financially prudent paths and leaving the psychological approaches to others.

Take Interest In Your Savings Account

Today it seems most all of us use some type of bank, most often we will have a savings account along with our checking account. Many times we have good intentions of leaving the money in the account to draw the interest we intended when the account was opened, but if you’re like most of us, for one reason or another by the time the interest is to be paid, most of the money is gone.

Wealth Building – 3 Tips ANYONE Can Use To Build Serious Wealth

We all want to make money fast and we all want to be wealthy however, most people don’t achieve serious wealth. The reason is, they make simple mistakes that prevent them reaching their goal of building serious wealth and the fact is there easy avoid, so let’s look at them.

Phases of Financial Planning

Learn how the different phases of wealth can help you prepare a good solid financial plan to improve your chances of meeting your life goals. Most people want to retire with some level of financial security. We all want the peace of mind and self-dignity that comes from knowing that we are not at risk of ever becoming a burden on our families, the government or the state.

A Guide For Online Money Making

A great deal of us find ourselves struggling financially. It gets really old living paycheck to paycheck. Must be a better way. We already work 40 hours or more a week just to stay afloat. Well, there are alternative money-makers than what you’re probably used to. The Internet is a new tool in which making money is a very real thing. Online money making is a concept used by many.

Want to be Rich? Then Educate Yourself. Why? Here’s why.

If you want to be a Doctor, learn medicine. If you want to be a footballer, kick a football around. If you want to be a bus driver, learn how to drive a bus! If you want to be rich, what do you do? Don’t work harder, or take a second job, or start a business. Just get yourself an informal financial education. Here’s why.

The Myth About Money

Most people measure money by time. They believe that by working more hours they make more money. Not a chance.

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