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Do You Know Your ISA From Your Unit Trusts?

This article is an introduction to investment funds, the different types available and the associated risks. With the prolonged UK wide recession are people educated enough on how to invest their money wisely?

Did the London Financial Center Really Lose Its Luster?

In March 2011, The Economist asked its online readers if London was losing its financial centre’s appeal. 58 percent said yes. The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) recently showed that in 2012, for the first time, London fell from its top spot as the world’s largest financial centre by the number of jobs.

What’s the Future of the Fund Management Industry?

The future of the fund management industry requires firms, clients and regulators to learn from the impact of the global financial crisis. The fund management industry continues to grapple with ways to best serve customers while simultaneously decreasing operational costs and improving profit margins.

Why Have Your Investments Managed?

We often hear the complaint, particularly with pensions, that they just haven’t performed very well, our response is “that is because the investment funds that have been used over the years have not been managed”. If you buy a car you know it is sensible to have a regular service to ensure that it is properly maintained the aim being to avoid it breaking down and you having to pay nasty repair bills.

Learn to Trade Option Greeks

Understand the factors that affect option pricing. Learn to trade option Greeks and understand how option theta can generate an income from options trading. Looks at theta, delta, vega, and gamma, with an example.

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