10 Types of People You Should Befriend and Avoid If You Want to Be Rich

What Does Freedom Really Mean To You?

Are you wondering if you have what it takes to achieve the true freedom that so few people ever manage to achieve? The barrier most people come up against is that they truly don’t have a willingness to work and a drive to succeed.

Your Personal Money – Survival Tactics For a Poor Economy

If the economy ever does truly fall apart, we need to be prepared. Watching money, watching where it goes, and making thoughtful decisions about it are important things we must do. These are the keys to personal finance success in ugly economic times.

Need A Guaranteed Checking Account? 5 FAQs

Technically, no bank can guarantee you a checking account. However, if you have had a bumpy personal banking history, there are definitely certain banks out there who are much more likely than the others to grant you a new checking account. Here are 5 FAQs that can help.

How To Save Money While Web Hopping?

In this modern time, almost everything has to be bought. Water is for sale, some even amounting to more or less a hundred bucks for a bottle. Ask Paris Hilton’s pooch for the brand.

Tips on How to Save Up Money

Do you wish to save up money? Did you know that when you know how to handle your cash well, you would be able to keep some for the future? In this article, you will learn about some of the wisest tips in order to save up.

FINRA Announces New Conduct Rules to Strengthen Investor Protections

New securities conduct rules designed to protect investors and ensure fair dealing with customers were proposed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and have been approved by the Securities Exchange Commissions (SEC) effective October 7, 2011. The “know-your-customer” FINRA Rule 2090 and “suitability” FINRA Rule 2111, conduct rules contain language similar to the rules promulgated through the NYSE and NASD prior to their consolidation with changes that strengthen the protection of investor rights.

6 Financial Deceptions – Who Has Them?

Every day you hear (and subsequently believe) deceptions/myths that the world tell you. Satan’s tried-and-true weapon against you is lies. I exposed the tip of some of the deceptive thoughts that people have.

Thrift Savings Plan: How Military And Civil Servants Retire In Style

A TSP account is tasked as an individual account for retirement. The acronym itself stands for Thrift Savings Plan. A thrift savings plan allows an individual to save for retirement with a defined contribution method.

Being Smart With Your Money

Learning how to be smart with your money is a skill that will keep you happy, sane and feeling good about your financial situation. Money is often the cause of frustration and overwhelming feelings, so learning to wisely manage your money is crucial! The following are bits of financial guidance to give you a head start on your way to being money smart.

Finances and Marriage

Over the years talking to engaged and married couples they have all discussed a lot of the common premarital and marital topics: How many kids are we going to have, Private or Public School for the kids, What kind of house we will live in, What kind of car we want to drive, What church we will attend. A lot of couples fail to talk about one of the most important topics. Finances. Why?

Financial Advisors: Some Simple Advice

They can make the payment and pay the utilities, but they don’t have any money left for food and auto expenses. They don’t have any money left for tithe to honor God with the home that he clearly led them to occupy. They are older and don’t have money for medications or doctor visits. They don’t have any extra to cover maintenance on the home.

The Smartest Moves That Can Be Made by a New Graduate

A degree of graduation is rightly considered as the most important gateway to your work life. Having a college degree actually implies that you are truly an adult now, and there are greater tasks that you will be required to accomplish subsequently. It is also a time when you can get to do a lot of things which will allow you to hold an identity of your own; at the same time you will learn to take all the financial responsibilities. But the economic scenario has made the circumstances as hard enough for establishing your professional aims. In this edition, let us have a look at the smarter moves that an individual can make immediately after graduation.

How Important Is It to Read Financial Statements Correctly?

Thoughts and worries regarding various finance related issues overcrowd our mind all day long and thus we seek to acquire more and more information and knowledge about numerical values and matters through any possible means. Thus analyzing and understanding financial statements become necessary for us in terms of assessing our economic conditions and monetary status. Let us find more about its importance.

Obama’s Home Affordable Refinance Program Is Of Great Help

Federal making home affordable program by Obama administration has a lot of benefits. All required from you is fulfilling the eligibility criteria for the same. This program is an effort from the government to save the falling real estate market. Your lender or servicer will provide you with all relevant details important to apply for the scheme.

Locking in an Energy Rate to Keep Bills Manageable

Wouldn’t things be a lot easier if you didn’t have to guess what your bills where going to be like every month? You could plan out a budget that allowed you to take advantage of your money in all the best ways. This is what many people are thinking about as we begin a new year. The past few unstable fiscal economic years have instilled fear in many, and establishing affordable energy prices is just one of many ways in which people are trying to manage their budgets during these uncertain times.

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