10 Sings you’re spending too much money

Tips to Reduce Your Debts and Manage Your Finances for Peaceful Life

We are actually experts in accumulating debts of various types. We borrow to build a house, purchase a car, pay medical bills and educational expenses of children, and pay utility bills every month.

Tips on Managing Your Income to Enhance Savings and Investments

When you start spending indiscriminately, you would definitely end up with acute cash shortages every month. Most of us spend our monthly income in that month itself on various expenses and only a few people strive in saving something out of their monthly incomes in a regular manner.

The Problem With Desire

It took me several years to begin coming to my senses about how I was spending my life energy. For years, I have worked myself to a pulp with the goal of “having it all” and retiring young. But devoting my time and energy to satisfy myself with material desires is finally declining.

Effective Financial Planning Made Easy – What To Do After Eliminating Negative Money Beliefs

What do you do once you’ve eliminated your negative beliefs about money? How do you plan effectively for your financial future? How do you ensure you can fund all the things you’ve dreamed of having and doing? Read on and I’ll explain all…

Positive Beliefs About Money, Good Personal Finance Strategies And How To Use Them

Financial Healing can turn your life around – but what is it? In this article, I explain the importance of the two main areas of financial healing. These are working on money beliefs and adopting effective personal finance strategies.

Do I Buy or Do I Rent?

This is a decision that people have asked constantly. The question comes up more frequently when real estate prices go up excessively, or when they go down excessively – when it is thought that there are buying or selling opportunities. The answer to the question comes down to two things: your lifestyle and numbers. To buy or to rent is a lifestyle decision, and you literally have to live with whatever decision you make. If this is an investment property, there are some different factors, but you still have to manage the property and this is also a lifestyle choice. The numbers are calculating whether the decision makes sense financially.

Why You May Never Reach Financial Freedom, It’s Really Simple

Find out why most people never reach their full financial freedom. The good news is that it’s a really simple fix.

For Smart Investing: Gold Bullion Could Be For You

This time honored form of investing has many avenues – one of them being gold bullion. In fact, if you are seeking to diversify your investing gold bullion might be the right choice.

7.5 Steps to Get Your Financial House in Order

Education is Key- Get educated my friend. Leaders are readers and it’s time to put all those financial books you have read to use. Schedule weekly dates with yourself and spend a couple of hours on your personal finances. Consider contacting a financial planner and one who has small business clients and a track record of creating wealth. Know what your goals are and get a plan. Plug into websites like learnvest.com to help with your education.

Do Not Believe a Single Word in This Article – No, Seriously, Go Create Your Own Beliefs

Your beliefs are not yours, they’re not true and they are not false. Don’t believe me? Find out why…

Financial Education Core Competencies

A study conducted by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) revealed that today’s younger generations were unlikely to be better at finances than their elders. To address this the US Treasury introduced core competencies in what has been dubbed the “financial literacy pyramid”. There are five items in the Treasury’s “Financial Education Core Competencies”

How to Participate in the Bitcoin Economy

As Bitcoin goes more mainstream, it is time to participate in the Bitcoin economy. Here’s how you can be a part of it. There are many ways to achieve this.

Sell Your Unwanted Gold and Get the Best Cash Offer

The modern times have come up with a lot of tricky affairs. Selling your unwanted gold is one of the latest trends. Since the price of precious metals has increased considerably, the businesses that offer cash for gold have started promoting themselves in a more aggressive manner.

Online Cash Advance and Credit Card Rejections: Understand The Results

You thought your credit score was great until you found that a fast online cash advance was about the only loan you would be approved for. What happened? When was the last time your score was checked? What has happened since? Your credit score is affected by more than just late or missed payments.

Accounts Receivables Factoring – Solving Your Financial Problems

Whichever industry you are working in, you will know how important it is to land a big client. Every business organization will be happy when they are able to get big clients. Landing a big client means bigger projects and better revenues. There is a lot of joy and excitement when a large client signs a contract with your firm.

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