10 Personal finance myths Busted

The 2 Killer Benefits Of Paying Yourself First

What does paying yourself first mean? Can it work for me? Should I take the plunge? Hopefully, the following post will provide more answers than questions.

Financial Tips For Newly Weds

For a young couple, preparing for your wedding can be financially strenuous and life after the wedding day if not properly planned can be a dangerous. More so if the couple are not from financial buoyant families.

A Guide for a 50 Year Old Planning for the Future

This article overview the current state of the US economy. It also includes a few simple strategies that will help anyone planning for retirement by making 3 changes to their current goals that will help put them on the road to financial freedom and independence in their retirement years.

Peer-To-Peer Lending Practices Encouraged by Emerging Online Platforms

Without going into details of the concept of peer-to-peer lending, one can explain it as a type of debt financing, in which lenders and borrower enjoy freedom and control over the terms of loan, without any intervention of intermediary financial systems. Further simplifying, it is a term used for the practice of money lending by individuals via services that connect lenders and borrowers directly. It may come as a surprise to some; the core concept behind peer-to-peer lending is not new.

Don’t Be Taken Advantage Of Financially In Networking Groups!

Hi, I wanted to share this article with everyone in networks like this. We’ve lately experienced a rash of people using both religion and affinity networks and groups to further their own financial agenda, and created a list of items that we saw frequently as a means to warn and educate everyone.

Everything’s Different, Nothing’s Changed

It has been quite a quarter. The U.S Federal Reserve is now on hold, the U.K. has voted to withdraw from the European Union, Puerto Rico has just defaulted on almost $800 million in municipal bond payments, and we are in the midst of the most controversial Presidential election cycle in generations.

Women Already Are Investing And They Are Pretty Darn Good At It, Carry On!

With the latest attention on women from the financial industry, you might think most women do not participate in investing. As a woman-led firm, we have decided it’s time to set the record straight a bit.

Does More Money Cause More Problems?

It is very imperative that humanity becomes more conscious of the inalienable significance of thought in shaping every individual’s destiny. As an author remarks, “Beware of your thoughts because they become your words. Beware of your words because they become your actions.

3 Smart Money Moves You Won’t Regret

If you’re aiming to be smart with your money there are many ways you can approach it. Here are three smart money moves you definitely won’t regret in the long run.

United Kingdom and Leaving the European Union (EU) – BREXIT

I had multiple conversations last week regarding Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. First – for those that have not been following the drama closely – the term “BREXIT” is what “Britain’s EXIT” has been named. The question now is how will this decision affect financial markets for many years to come. There is a ton of speculation and I do not subscribe to many of the doomsday predictions but truth is – “I have no idea” how this will all shake out. In the short term we will (have) seen some turmoil in the stock market

Important Checks When Transferring Money Online

Online money transfers have become more convenient in all kinds of transactions. There are so many online platforms, offering the services today and to get the best rates you must at least compare. There is also an importance of using platforms that keep you safe and secure considering how risky some of the transactions can be, especially with the increasing cases of identity theft and cyber crimes. Below are a few checks that you should make to have a pleasant and most cost effective online transfer of your money.

Are You Worried About Not Having Enough Money When You Get Older?

IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO PLAN FOR YOUR FUTURE! Typically, the answers you seek are well within your reach, and these answers will expedite the achievement of your goals. Learn to overcome your emotional roadblocks, start planning and get educated. Today is the perfect time to get started.

Five Reasons to Pay Your Bills on Time

Not paying your bills on time might mean termination of services such as electricity or your phone, or your account could end up in collections. You could even be sued, which is costly and nerve-wracking. Even before you reach this level of stress, though, there are beneficial financial reasons to pay your bills on time.

Do You Want to SAVE TIME and EFFORT on Money Matters?

WHERE FOCUS GOES ENERGY FLOWS. Throughout our lives, we women plan for many situations. Time spent planning our careers, family activities, living environment, vacations and birthdays are the product of weeks, if not months, of preparation. Planning is a highly effective habit that keeps us focused on specific goals and priorities, simplifying the decision making process. Effective planning and mental focus have the power to unclutter our minds of time consuming and energy sucking distractions that prevent us from taking care of our needs, wants and desires. It reduces the waste of precious resources such as time, effort and money.

The Minimalist Millennial – How to Save Money After You’ve Done the Obvious

Does it always seem like you’re short on cash? Are you looking for ever more creative ways to stretch that dollar further? Join the club. Here’s some tips and simple advice to help.

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