10 Great jobs for seniors and retirees

Building Your Financial Portfolio – Financial Growth

The financial world is not like it was twenty or thirty years ago. Times have changed. The need for money is that much greater today than it was when our parents were growing up. Money is a vital part of our lives, an indispensable asset to our very existence and it is essential to our future…

How To Save Money Fast

How to save money fast is important to most all of us regardless of our income bracket. There are numerous ways for us to save money. Here a few tips on how to save money fast.

Before You Order Those Mickey Mouse Checks – 10 Things You May Not Have Known!

If you’ve ever discussed your favorite cartoons with other fans, then it’s likely inevitable that you (or someone you know) has mentioned an American icon known as Mickey Mouse. From an idea born of a pet mouse to all sorts of Mickey memorabilia (such as Mickey Mouse checks), Mickey has had a permanent place in the hearts and minds of kids and adults for over 80 years! Are you a fan of Mickey too?

Volatile Global Markets: 7 Steps To Steer You Through Unscathed

What is going on in global stock markets? Pundits have proposed specific reasons for wild swings, such as America’s credit rating downgrade, sustained high unemployment, and declining consumer confidence. The real issue is fear and uncertainty. Market players hate uncertainty. During volatile periods, investors will search everywhere for hope, constantly. And when they see a glimmer, investors rush in, and take off; only to exit after that hope is dashed!

Just Stop Spending

We don’t need to spend money when we don’t have to. Spending money when we experience low mood swings or to boost self-esteem are not effective cash management techniques.

Personal Finance Tips for New Parents

The financial demands presented by a new addition to the family can overwhelm new parents. Costs for toys, diapers, clothing and medical expenses mount up quickly. Factor in the cost of college 18 years down the line, and it is no wonder new parents panic. Read on for tips to alleviate the worry and costs all new parents face.

A Reverse Run On Banks Right Now – Here Is Why?

With the economy in such a bad way, banks now in the U.S. are experiencing a very strange and bizarre problem. A Lot of people are talking about a run on banks, however right now there seems to be a reverse run on banks. What is a reverse runaway see you ask?

Are Those Personal Checks Obsolete?

Can individuals still capitalize on those, so called, cheap personal checks during the 21st century? At first, it looks quite a lot simpler to travel to the grocery store or diner and swipe one’s debit card…

How to Plan for Your Retirement?

The decisions you make when planning your retirement can greatly affect your quality of life throughout your retirement and the financial resources you can make available to your heirs. Hence, it’s very important to consider the proper planning of your retirement, available options of pre investing the existing savings and the time frame to decide when and how much you would be able to use it when required.

Practical Ways On How To Save Money When It Comes To Household Things

More and more people nowadays experience problems when it comes to budgeting. In reality mothers do not stay at home anymore and wait for their husband’s pay check.

Information On Financial Help For Single Mothers

Are you a single mum looking for tips about trying to find some financial help? Well, the good news is that there is help out there. If you would like to seek out the most suitable support, you will need to work out what you need assistance with.

Housing Assistance for Single Mothers – Everything You Should Know

With housing costs on the rise, many single parents have a hard time trying to make ends meet. Most families which have two parents also usually have two incomes. This makes it much easier to get ahead and pay off a mortgage and therefore ultimately own your own home.

Top 5 Recession Proof Businesses

With another recession well on its way, a lot of people out there are worried about the economy and their jobs, and also retaining their income. Although the economy is weak right now, there are still very good ways to not only create a better income for yourself, but choose a business that always does well in economic hard times.

Creating Cash By Reducing Debt

Reducing your debt can mean increasing your income. Learn how to do so.

Teaching Your Child to Save Money

It is important to teach your kids to save money if you are trying to train them to be financially literate. Start them out on the right foot and instill habits that will guide them for years to come. Here are some ways to do so.

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