10 Free Online Tools To Help You Effectively Manage Money

Put Your Trust in Trustmark Online Banking Service

Do you have more than one or two bills to pay every month? Do you value your time? Would you prefer to do business online? If you answer yes, why not take advantage of the Trustmark Online Banking service.

What Is a Debit Card?

Debit cards are just like a checking account. There is no credit check and your card will come as Visa or MasterCard.

Do You Need Life Insurance?

You’ve probably heard that you need life insurance. You may have even experienced the pleasure of an online, telephone, or in-person sales experience. But, what exactly is life insurance, and why do you need it?

Managing Your World When the US Economy Is on a Wall Street Roller Coaster

The lack of confidence in the U.S. government’s ability to plan its finances should be a concern for Americans. The uncertainty creates anxiety and frustration, as we wonder why we should bother to clip coupons and save money when the government continues to spend our money at what is currently an uncontrollable rate. What can we, as individual citizens, do to minimize the impact of Congressional actions on our own financial world?

Feeling Good About Your Money

In these economically challenging times, many people are freaking out about money (unnecessarily.) That’s unfortunate, because if you want more money in your life, you have to feel good about it. This article is about improving your thoughts, feelings and general relationship with your money.

Of Coupons and Candy Bars: The Tricks Stores Are Using to Get Your Business

If you clip coupons, you will win some fine savings. There are potential savings in every coupon you cut out and use. But are the savings really as substantial as you think?

Should You Bring In Someone Else to Manage Your Finances?

Once upon a time, ours was a world of Do It Yourself. A world in which the only time you called the plumber to fix the leak in your sink was when the duct tape gave way and the flooding in your kitchen was rising faster than you and your little bucket could bail. A world in which; if your sister’s boyfriend’s second cousin couldn’t replace the shingles on your roof, I’d be a monkey’s uncle.

The Importance of Finance Training Courses

Good credit control translates into smooth cash flow and financial strength for any business, which is why enrolling key personnel in finance training courses is always a good idea. Take note as well that credit control is an essential part of the entire sales process.

Is a Lack of Financial Education the Reason for Poor Financial Management Decisions in America?

Americans study all of the essential things in school. Algebra, science, history, languages and the arts. But where are the financial management classes to learn basic financial planning strategies? Most students don’t know the first thing about retirement, savings, credit cards, debt or even basic budgeting strategies.

Making Money The Fun Way

Who said making money can’t be fun – all work and no play? The following are a few ideas that will not only help you make a little money, but can be fun while you’re at it!

Holiday Shopping: Why It Makes Sense to Use Credit Cards for Holiday Shopping

Sure it sounds good to say that you are going to lock your credit cards up and pay for everything with cash. In fact, not only is it commendable, but it is the surest sign that you are becoming a more responsible consumer. But, as the holiday shopping season approaches, you may want to reconsider your ban on plastic as you could miss out on some huge deals and money-saving opportunities.

Who Needs a Certified Financial Planner!

Do you need a Certified Financial Planner? What can they do for you that you can not do for yourself? If you want a comprehensive financial plan, you may find that you need the services of a professional. As professionals, they have the time, patience, experience, knowledge, wisdom and objectivity that you as layman may lack.

Roth IRAs Made Easy

What is a Roth IRA, and how does it work? Find out how the Roth IRA is special and where to get a step-by-step guide.

How To Increase Retirement Plan Benefits

Everybody wants to increase the benefits of their retirement plan, whether that retirement is due to reaching that age, early retirement, or enforced retirement; perhaps through job loss, or worse still, retirement caused by disability. Now that you have retired it is not unusual to be a little concerned on several fronts. As well as the freedom from the daily chore, or the partial relief that the decision has been made (perhaps by others), you are possibly only just beginning to appreciate, and be a bit in awe, of the amount of time now available each…

UTMA – Uniform Transfer To Minors Act Is A Good Way Of Ensuring A College Fund

The Uniform Transfer to Minors Act or UGMA is an excellent tool to save for a child’s future education. Here is why the UTMA can be a good way of saving for college.

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