10 Businesses you can start with little or No money

How Do Price Comparison Websites and Aggregators Impact Financial Intermediaries?

According to recent consumer research four out of ten consumers have bought a non-life insurance policy through a comparison website – where does that leave the role of the professional financial intermediary? The emergence of aggregators and price comparison websites has had a huge impact on consumer behaviour and the distribution of general insurance products. These sites are now visited by increasing numbers of consumers who use them to identify insurance, mortgage products and other products that may be available to them before being sent to the providers’ website to complete their purchase.

Your 401K Can Be Stolen, Legally

Have you seen this wording before? Does this look familiar? It should because it is stated on your retirement plan. This phrase is disclosed in each and everyone’s 401(K) retirement plan no matter which employee benefit company you’re invested in (Fidelity, Principal, Schwab, Hewitt, etc). Most people are truly depending on their 401(K) as their SOLE form of retirement like I was since most Americans won’t have much of a Social Security to rely on for their retirement.

Comparison Site Commissions Are Bad News for Consumers and Financial Intermediaries

Consumers should be aware of how comparison sites work not just in terms of competitiveness but in terms of transparency. Professional intermediaries should also be fully aware of this situation as comparison sites forge into their traditional territory of financial advice.

What Are Stock Market Linked Bonds?

Stock Market linked bonds often provide the investor with a capital guarantee at the end of a fixed term and the return is linked to a stock market index (such as the FTSE or DOW). They have a variety of names such as Protected Bonds, Guaranteed Equity Bonds and Structured Products.

6 Critical Areas of Financial Advice for Women

A women’s life is harder than ever with so many things to think about and people to look after it is no wonder that their own financial planning often comes low on a very long ‘to do’ list. It is vital that women do take some time to consider these 6 vital areas of their finances to protect themselves as well as their families.

In Favor of Muni Bond Funds

If, like me, you live in a state where municipal bond purchases are exempt from local, state and federal taxes, you should be using this to your advantage. In the era of real negative U.S. bond returns and 0.10 percent savings account rates, you are voluntarily reducing your spending power by parking your reserves in cash. Simply put, your returns don’t keep up with inflation.

Platinum: The Price of the Symbol of Wealth

Today, platinum is a symbol of wealth, its price and value is higher than gold, silver and bronze but lower than diamond. Platinum prices and its value are attributed to its rarity. Platinum is only 0.005 parts per million of the earth’s minerals meaning platinum is an extremely rare metal and is found in alluvial, copper and nickel deposits.

Investing In Oil: Is It Worth It?

Humans have been using petroleum and other oil products since ancient times. Petroleum and crude oil have become the main source of energy and light since first discovering oil. Electricity, transportation, communication as well as production of goods and services became dependent on crude oil. With the high demand for oil, prices per barrel have been increasing. Many investors are expecting higher prices over the coming decade. Some people are taking this as a signal to invest their wealth in oil companies and investments based on oil prices.

How To Use SBI Online Banking For Smoother Transaction

In order to make online payments, you have to get the credit cards registered on the website of the bank. Checkout the step by step guide to perform online banking using your SBI Bank account.

What to Do When You’re Desperate to Save Money

Alright, so your probably at the realization that something has gone horribly wrong.  Most of us have been there with you.

Achieve Financial Freedom By Building a Network of Business Owners

Helping others get what they want in life is one of the best ways to create wealth. This is the paradigm on which network marketing is built. Therefore, if you dream of financial freedom, start building a network of other network marketing business owners.

Saving Your Money – Is It Really That Hard To Do?

Saving money can be very hard. We all know that with this economy it can be a sure test to put some of your money aside. There is a very good article called 12 tips to save your money. After giving it a read I sure learned some things that I think you can also take into action for your own life.

Roth IRA Rules Everyone Should Be Aware Of

It is great to have a retirement plan especially for those who who have been employed or have been engaged in any kind of business for a long time. With a retirement plan, a person can live his life peacefully and he is financially sound even though he has retired from employment or from his own business.

24 Financial Tips for Young Women

According to Fleishman Hillard study titled Women, Money and Power, millennial women are more concerned about the economy which affects how they spend their money. Seventy one percent agree, “Life is more complex today than it was before the recession,” and 75% agree, “I shop differently now than I did before the recession.” Millennial women seek quality, worth, performance, and substance. They prefer quality over quantity and research purchases thoroughly before buying. According to Edward Jones, 51% of millennials usually don’t invest in a 401k or retirement plan. Millennial women are delaying marriage and starting a family to get their finances in order.

Senior Citizens Should Keep Track of Their Money

While everyone should keep track of his own money, it is essential that senior citizens keep on top of their finances so that they are not cheated out of their hard earned money. They may have limited resources which makes this important.

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