10 Books that are in every rich man’s bookshelf

Mortgage Loan Insurance: Is It Worth It?

If you have been in Canada for a considerable amount of time, you may be familiar with the fact that if you fail to bring the twenty percent down payment, you are not going to be able to apply for the conventional mortgage and are going to have to pay the mortgage loan insurance in order to make yourself eligible for the application. It should go without saying that Canada Mortgage loans and housing corporation (CMHC) is one of the finest option for mortgage loan insurance which is to protect a particular bank from you. It is…

How to Make Cash Online Fast

There are different methods on how to make cash online. Sometimes there are situations where you may need cash in a hurry. One of the methods that can be used to is to sell something online. You can sell things that you don’t need anymore. For instance, you may have CDs or antiques you may not be using. These items can be sold online at auction sites such as eBay. Amazon is another example. “Buy it now” is a great option to choose when selling your items.

The Key Strategies of Pair Options Trading

Pair options is a form of trading where you can compare between two stocks. As a trader, your choice is to analyze which stock will outperform the other over a period of time. In this form of trading, you can get the advantage of the fact that it is free of the volatility of the market.

10 Ways to Make Extra Cash Today

Are you in need for some extra cash as soon as possible? Here are 10 ways that you can use to make yourself some extra cash with little effort, today.

Why You Should Pay Attention to Open Enrollment Time

If you are employed by a company that offers flexibility in choosing your benefits, the open enrollment period is right around the corner. It’s your chance to make changes to your benefits. Many employees simply opt to maintain their current benefits.

Five Simple Yet Smart Money Habits

There’s no denying that it can take some work to create good habits, and becoming more disciplined about your finances is no different. Yet smart money habits can add up over time to increase your bank account and help you create a more stable financial life. Consider these five tips that will help you examine how you think about and handle money to improve your financial acumen.

If Emergency Struck, Are Your Important Documents in Order?

If an emergency were to happen, would you be able to immediately put your hands on all your important documents? Do you have a will? A death in the family is difficult enough to cope with – don’t let disorganization make it even worse.

Fourth Quarter Finance Tips

As the start of fall begins we draw near to the end of another year. Soon the holidays will be here and we will be writing out our list of resolutions for the New Year. Although we may be winding down 2014, it is not too late, or even too early, to start making changes in our financial habits for the benefit of the months and years ahead.

Should I Pay For My Children’s Education?

Paying for a child’s education is becoming as complex as saving for retirement or buying a house. Paying for an education used to be like buying a car or going on a trip to Europe. It was expensive but it wasn’t really that expensive – it could be paid for if you worked full time for a couple of years. There is much written about this subject in terms of how to save for education, what options there are, government assistance and so on. This article is focusing more on the intangible factors of making this decision such as: What are your expectations? What does your child want to do? What is suitable for your child in terms of a career? Once you realize what outcome is important for your child, you would then consider how it would be paid for and how the plan will be executed.

What Does an Unstable World Mean for the Markets?

The past few months have seen a number of troubling situations develop around the world. Russia’s involvement in the Ukrainian conflict has continued, and recently airstrikes began against the Islamic state extremist group in Syria. The growing list of global concerns may add to a sense of unease for investors.

More Women Are Taking Control of Their Finances

As women’s economic, political and social power increase, they’re also taking a more active role in their finances. According to the recent Ameriprise Financial Women and Financial Power study, women of all generations are involved in financial decision making – either shared or on their own – in their households.

Ten Key Money Tips for Parents When a New Baby Is Expected

Here’s a short and sweet 10-point check-list to make sure that the transition into parenthood is both smooth and joyful. As you will note, you have to do nothing different for your child. What is good for you, is good for your child too.

How to Determine Social Security Retirement Benefits

This articles shows you how to determine your current Social Security retirement benefits, and some of the issues facing pending Social Security recipients. References to the Social Security Administration website are provided, along with some facts concerning Social Security, and some questions to ponder, when determining when to actually claim your SS benefits.

Becoming A High Qualified Financial Planner

For you to become a high qualified financial planner you must earn yourself a Certified Financial Planner Certification. The Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Certification is the designation awarded to those professionals who were able to complete the formal CFP course program and successfully pass the Certified Financial Planner Certification Exam.

How to Earn Extra Income Online Using Various Strategies

This article is about how to earn extra money online. There are plenty of things that people can do to earn an extra income online.

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