10 Billionaires who are now poor

Your Financial Survival Guide – Things You Need To Do Now – Part One

Now is a good time to take a look at your financial situation and take any steps necessary to ensure your financial health and long-term prosperity. Here are the key aspects of your financial life that you need to make sure are in order.

Financial Planning Advice

The aim of financial planning is to analyse your current financial status and make suggestions and recommendations that will help you secure your long-term financial future. Many leading financial advisors recognise that in order to be successful they need to comprehensively understand a client aims and objectives. Once they’ve established a clear idea of what the client wishes to achieve they can then begin to identify the best financial solution for their client.

8 Top Money Management Tips To Improve Your Finances

Getting your finances in order will most certainly give you peace of mind and although it may take a little bit of effort, it will be worth it. The task may seem at first to be quite stressful, but the results will definitely bring about a feel good factor, knowing that you have all your finances organised.

Cash Flow – Your Guide To Cash Flow Management

In business it is important to know how much cash you have coming in and going out so that you can pay your expenses in a timely fashion. The best way of forecasting your cash flow is by means of a spreadsheet which can be easily updated or changed. Another easier way is to use some cash flow software.

Cash Flow Management – An Essential Part Of Your Business Success

Cash flow management is the procedure of checking, evaluating and fine-tuning your company’s cash flow. Managing your cash flow is essential for a business’s continued existence and development.

Personal Finance Software – The Best Way To Handle Your Personal Finances

It’s a good idea to be organised when handling your personal finances – home budgeting and personal budgeting are very important if you wish to avoid debt. Unfortunately, we don’t all have a lot of spare time to sort out our finances and I think the answer could be to purchase some personal finance software.

How To Save Money on Electronics

If you are going to make a big electronic purchase this year, you’ll be interested in how to save money on that purchase. Retailers are working under tight margins and they aren’t going out of their way to give you a better deal. You’ll need to be a smart consumer to get the best deal.

The Second Step To Financial Freedom: Home Ownership

This article picks up after the first step to financial freedom which is pay yourself first. Here we talk about step 2 which is home ownership and how to become mortgage free.

Budget Planner – An Essential Tool For Money Management

Budget planning is essential for money management and forward planning. It is important to plan your budget, whether personal or for your business.

6 Unusual Jobs That Pay Ridiculously Well

Finding a good job at the present time is difficult, especially in this time of recession when instead of getting a new job, many people are losing their jobs regularly. However, managing a job that pays well is not as difficult as it seems to be. To get such a job, one has to look at the right place and most importantly has to think outside of the typical way.

9 Weird Ways to Make Money

Let’s face it; your income potential is only limited by your creativity. If you are in a position that requires you to earn a little extra money, start thinking about what skills you have that others may pay you for. You will be surprised how many opportunities there are, below are just nine weird ways to make money.

Do You Need to Make Money? Here Are 4 Ways You Haven’t Thought Of

Is there anybody in the world who does not want to make money? It will be hard to find a single person who is not in need of money. People who are raking in cash are lucky indeed.

Why The Big Banks Love You

We all realize that banks profit from making loans. The amount of loans that they can give is determined by the amount of their deposits from their depositors (You and me). The banks profit from the interest that they make from their loans. The interesting thing about all of this is the interest they pay their depositors is a far cry from the interest they charge on their loans.

The ISA Fact File: Getting the Most Out of Your Savings

Individual Savings Accounts provide a tax efficient way to save and can be a particularly attractive option for saving at a time when many savings accounts are offering relatively rates of interest for your money. An ISA is effectively a tax wrapper that shelters your money from the taxman. There are two main types of ISA currently available: The cash ISA and the stocks and shares ISA.

Car Insurance Basics – How Online Car Insurance Works

Buying car insurance online broadly falls into three or four categories: using car insurance cost comparison sites, getting quotes from insurance companies that don’t sign up to cost comparison sites using the internet to find insurance brokers and get quotes direct from them and using the internet to research information that is relevant to peoples own circumstances. Car insurance cost comparison sites are in one sense one of the real success stories of internet e commerce, but they are not always quite as golden as they might seem. On the…

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